What is influencer marketing and why does it matter?

“Why do you think influencer marketing doesn’t work ?”

“Does it really work?” This is a common question that pops up every now and then. As you read further you will start to see why influencer marketing might be the most important marketing strategy for brand construction, lead generation and even business development strategy in our strange times?

Influencer marketing: does it really work?

What is influencer marketing and why does it matter?

Influencer marketing companies are the buzzword in today’s social media. When you think of influencer marketing you should begin to pictures brand publicity and celebrity endorsements in your mind’s eye. Influencer driven campaigns care high octane deeply immersive experiences for your audience.

Let’s face it, with influencer marketing, you collaborate with key influencers and leaders in your domain. These influencers who share your brand with a constellation of like-minded people. An ocean of people who trust and follow these influencers very closely. And that doesn’t take into account the fact that influencer marketing helps your ideas reach people on a platform where you can build authentic and trustworthy relationships.

So you’ll be glad to know, you can promote your brand’s philosophies via stories and emotional content.

Better yet, you will be present where your brand is relevant. Look at influencer campaigns as many micro collaborations with people in your domain. Unlike mainstream media or advertising, your product and brand story will find a voice on a platform where people will listen. And as a result, your business starts to grow with customers who are real people that are willing to invest in your brand’s ideas. 

Is influencer marketing effective?

Influencer marketing is very effective and relevant. A successful influencer marketing strategy helps you increase your brand’s exposure, build authority and connect with a new audience in many ways.

In other words, it can prove to be a very effective tool and marketing strategy.

For instance, having an influential industry expert, celebrity or social media personality talking about your brand consistently builds credibility with your audience.

Influencer marketing is nothing new!

Brands have always leveraged on celebrity influence to collaborate their reputation and build credibility amongst the masses. Nothing much has changed. It’s just that audience and viewer trends have been consistently evolving and leaning towards digital content.

“92% of customers trust peer counsels.”

Search Engine Watch suggests that about 92% of customers trust peer recommendations. Therefore, engaging an influential person in your domain is very beneficial to building and retaining your brand.

Moreover, when trusted and established influencers promote your company it builds relationships, emotional attachments and establishes domain authority.

How does influencer marketing help brands?

Influencers are the driving force behind new trends and movements. They constantly expose audiences to new brands, ideas and products.

You may be asking “What are the benefits of influencer marketing?”.

Popular influencers are not only great content creators but also experts in their domains.

Therefore, having your product promoted by popular influencer projects your company as the new hot topic and saviour of the hour. And in addition to that, your product is perceived as an absolute necessity because the influencer has the ability to position it like that. Can you imagine how fantastic that feels?

How to use influencer marketing?

It’s not uncommon for others in your position to be overwhelmed with how influencer marketing strategies work? The whole idea can seem scary and out of control since you are entrusting your carefully crafted brand with a stranger.

There is a delicate balance between retaining brand guideline communications and marrying them with the innovative content creation ideas that influencers create specifically for their audience.

It becomes key to match the right influencers, brands and products with the audience.

More important than that, even with all these benefits, influencer marketing can be a complicated strategy to set up, launch and manage.

Of course, identifying and recruiting the right influencers for you is the first step. More important is that our teams focus on developing strategic step by step workflows. This helps you effectively oversee their content, and craft creatives and communications into a unified process. In addition, we build trustworthy, mutually valuable relations with the influencers as well.

Our Services

Our team works at building tailored campaigns to further your presence. We identify the right audience pool according to your defined goals. Consequently, we create the right content that your audience can’t refuse. We use both macro and micro influencing to judicially make your brand’s presence more dominant.

Our key services include:

  • Effective integration of an accurate influencer marketing strategy.
  • Campaign Analysis.
  • Support from leading influencers in the industry for quality content development.
  • Enhancement of influencer content.
  • Identification and outreach of appropriate influencers.
  • End to end implementation of an influencer marketing program.

Influencer marketing campaigns are the most cost-effective content creation and publishing strategy available in today’s market. The ROIs are fantastic and brands are increasing their influencer campaign budgets consistently.

Let’s talk, drop us a line from our contact page or on WhatsApp to see how we can work on your Influencer marketing project or query.

In conclusion, even though influencer marketing is quite new it still has the potential to build brand affinity and authentic content. We all need to grow and change as the world around us changes. We need to be at our toes and keep up the fluid, ever-changing trends to keep at the top of our game. So, contact us to get guidance on the best way to get your brand to your desired pool of customers.