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Let’s talk animated explainer video. Of course, you have heard about video statistics. You know that with animation you can bring any idea to life. Every brand has realised the value of content marketing. It’s all over every the internet. Malaysian blogs and websites can’t stop giving you enough advice on explainer videos for your business.

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Today, if you are looking for a proven explainer video production company in Malaysia, consider the following.  Produce your video explainer for your website rather than a viral advertisement.  More details in the infographic below:

Explainer video statistics from the infographic above:

explainer video

1. Use Animated Explainer Video to lure visitors to your website

Explainer videos are a massive part of any content marketing strategy. Video is the most preferred media format consumed. Explainer video production has also witnessed the highest growth rate in consumption compared to all other media.

Explainer Video

Mark’s take

Most blogs might tell you that your business is doomed without an explainer video. That’s not completely true. You could get by with nicely designed presentations and clever infographics. If you’re creating an animated explainer video, produce a high-quality video. Create the best explainer video within your budget. Developing a cheap or templatised video with library images is always detrimental to a brand; Why? Because low quality projects a negative perception of your products and business to your potential customers and audience. A bad homepage video will increases the bounce rate. Animated Templates can be used for social media posts. However, when it comes to your marketing video, viewers have seen similar graphics and videos and assume that it’s the same thing. You’ll miss out on being memorable!

2. Transform Visitors to leads with website videos.

By adding a video to your website, you will notice that audience retention increases. Bounce rates on your sites reduce. This is a very important metric to rank higher on search results for your website. The more time that a visitor spends on your site, the more likely is he to make a purchase. When it comes to online leads, the sales process is a lot easier. Unlike cold calling you aren’t talking to people who might not be interested in your business at that point of time. The leads are very relevant and can be considered to be high-quality leads. Also. when you’re in sales, there’s a huge difference when someone calls you for a service or product compared to you calling them out of the blue and pitching your features and benefits to them.

During this cycle of inbound marketing. Typical visitors have already gone through the business information on a high level. At this stage, they are now looking to evaluate the pros and cons of your product or service and also compare them with offers from your competitors. When they consume a video on your website they are looking to consume information in detail. They are looking to match and relate to their own requirements. Your website video will explain how your service or product works and uniquely helps them, unlike the competition. This will help your viewers decide to sign up with you or ask for a custom inquiry .

3. Converting Leads to Paying Clients

Sales expos, one on one meetings and conferences.

Sales meetings and tasks seem to be less like the simple yellow brick road and more like a crystal maze these days. Online campaigns can create a whole network of avenues. Many businesses seem to recognise the value of sales leads. However, funneling these leads into paying customers and clients is a daunting process in itself. There are so many levels in the funnel. The ROI of a typical online marketing campaign can be pretty steep. Some of them might not even be worthwhile paths to pursue.

Amp up your content marketing game with explainer videos.

With explainer videos, the education part of the sales process is already taken care of. Interested customers that understand your offerings connect with you. This makes the sales process a whole lot easier and interesting. You’re closing sales with interested parties. How does it work for you?

Well, explainer video marketing has turned out to deliver the highest ROI compared to other media formats in terms of marketing strategies. With explainer videos, you don’t have to worry about separating your leads to find the highest quality leads out first.

Emotions and Video Marketing

Explainer videos use character animations. The characters and their backstories are carefully crafted to connect with your target audience. They story emotionally reflects the pain points and challenges of your customers. Moreover, the story and journey of our character overcoming these challenges help develop an emotional bond between your brand and your viewers.

Educate your viewers with Explainer Videos

93% of business’s who have used explainer videos in their content marketing strategy believe that videos have helped viewers understand their product or service.

Videos explain complex problems, they show product and app demos. It’s a virtual way of experiencing a solution. This takes things to the “next level” for potential customers who are thinking “How is this product going to make my life easy?” or “Can I use this product in an unconventional way?”. Can you see how different the experience is compared to other forms of media?

With explainer videos, you don’t have to worry about separating your leads to find the highest quality leads out first. As we looked at earlier, your leads are already educated, they have gone through the sales funnel to understand your business, they have evaluated your services by comparing them with your competitors too. The leads you receive most likely turn into paying customers.

4. Let your clients promote your business

54% of senior executives share work related videos with colleagues weekly (TubularInsights).

“Video” is an extremely shareable media format. It’s easy to share videos on Whatsapp, Facebook or even email. A light-hearted explainer video becomes a very interesting way to share information with like-minded friends and colleagues.

Explainer VideoMark’s Take
A major part of my work comes from “word of mouth”. People love working with us. The videos show positive results, increase sales and business. Our clients are overjoyed!

What happens next? They tell their friends…

After years of working in the creative industry I have realised that the highest priority for any business should be to give their clients a postitive experience. It isn’t about the video, the creativity or even the awards. It’s ALL about builiding good lasting relationships. Friends who connect you with their friends.

Carefully breaking down your video communication is one part of it. We carefully craft out interesting introductions. This makes it easier for viewers to stick on to the video for just a little bit longer…

The process is to develop characters and situations that highlight critical pain points of your viewers. This allows your viewers to emotionally empathise with your brand. They ask questions like How will this app make my life easier? Moreover, will it save me more time? For me, that means I can play with my little boy every evening.

The mighty call to action…

And where does this all lead up to? The call to action. Sign up, Buy Now or even know more…

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