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Our animated explainer videos at WIF: explainer video productions, Bangalore feature the most popular explainer video styles and trends.

Explainer video costs, Bangalore

We offer a transparent and fixed cost for explainer videos. The explainer video calculator below is a rough budgeting tool to help you estimate a budget for different explainer video styles.

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2D animated explainer video samples, Bangalore, India

Explainer video samples and clients

top brands animated explainer videos

Our animated explainer videos are world-class productions. They are crafted for top brands in Bangalore, India and around the world. We specialise in creating to-the-point corporate explainer videos. Our explainer videos are typically used for marketing communications, short ads and training purposes.

YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram are the best platforms to share your explainer videos for your business. The duration for short video ads is typically around 120 seconds.

A longer version of your explainer video that could go upto 10 minutes is used for training or website videos. This longer format of explainer videos are for clients and potential customers who may be closely evaluating your services and comparing them with your competitors. 10 minute explainer videos are also used as training and how-to videos. Explainer videos with screen capture and demo recordings along with stock live action footage are a popular way to explain realistic scenarios. Especially for use cases that require to look more real and professional rather than using animated characters.

Explainer video styles Bangalore

2D Animated explainer video

3D Character animation

Motion graphics animation explainer video sample with stock footage

Whiteboard animation explainer video sample

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