Event Videographer Malaysia

Event Videography Malaysia:

Modern, well-planned infrastructure, ease of travel and commuting and Malaysia’s friendly, warm and hospitable people make it a top destination to host corporate events and trade fairs. Therefore, Malaysia is a globally preferred location for events.

So, Looking for a beautiful destination to host your event?

Then here is some good news for you.

Unleash your full marketing potential with our high quality event videography and event photographer services.

Planning a great event is taxing. It’s like putting a symphony together in a matter of days or weeks. What is the need for Professional “Event videography Malaysia? “

Today social and video streaming has become an obvious medium of any brand marketing strategy. Therefore, documenting the event videography and event photography has become a crucial element of the event package.

Capturing the Event Videography is an integral part of the event for the following reasons:

1. Increase your influence and reach.

With our event videography Malaysia services, you can interact and reach out to a larger audience, outside of your immediate event circles. Which is showed by the fact that 67% of viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to an event after watching a live video(Eventbrite) . And that’s not all, your video marketing strategy will include promo videos, event videos, event photography, and digital marketing. Moreover, through our high quality event photography and videography you will be able to portray your company’s essence in the form of captivating images and videos.

2. Marketing content for future events.

Looking forward to creating media assets through event photography?

Then here’s some good news for you

That is exactly what Event photography Malaysia will do for you.

How many times have you wished you had captured a corporate moment in high quality so that it could be shared with PR and marketing? Here is where “Event videography Malaysia” comes in.

Documenting your event videography and event photography is extremely valuable. Since, this helps you develop a repository of corporate-owned stock footage and memories that are valuable media assets. Moreover, your event footage can be used for your internal marketing and communications. Hence, event videos can help you promote your future events and sales.

3. Testimonials to increase Credibility.

Hosting a benchmark event for a corporate or brand takes a lot of effort and budget. Therefore, it’s important that it portrays a theme representing your branding guidelines. Moreover, it’s about seamlessly stitching the theme into the event timeline story helps your audience relate to your brand. This will ensures that delegates will leave with a positive opinion of your event and brand. Which you can then use as testimonials and peer reviews to further your brand and idea.

This testimonial event videography is a very useful marketing tool. After event testimonial footage is extremely useful. The videos can be used and presented to your corporate leadership, investors and your customers in the future.

Capturing short video bites and testimonials.

What is the first thing you do when you look at a product?

Check is reviews, right?

Peer review and testimonials play a major role in building trust and authority of your brand with your audience.

Interviews of VVIPs and industry experts.

End-user client and customer testimonials are priceless.

Having a CEO, minister or social influencer talk positively about your corporate and brand helps viewers to see your event as a credible and trustworthy experience.

Therefore, a testimonial interview or event video footage becomes a crucial asset to your video marketing strategy.

Are you looking to commission your event videography work to an event Videographer in Malaysia?

What are the credentials you must look out for in an “Event videographer Malaysia”?

Documenting events is extremely important. It has a lot of technicality and professionalism to it. Therefore, before you hire anyone you need to know about the things that you should consider. So, Let’s get a little technical now! If you have been part of an organizing committee for a corporate event, a sales expo or a trade fair, you would have come across some technical deliverables. For instance, there is a required minimum of specifications that are to be expected from the Event Videographer. So that the footage is usable for the marketing team.

High-quality format, video dimensions, and codecs:

Shooting an event video in 4k isn’t always necessary. However, its good to have for future archives.

For instance, HD video (1920×1080 pixels) is the bare minimum.

You may have heard some people say, “I only need a video for social media?” Or a “handheld DSLR/ smartphone video is sufficient?” or “Don’t smartphones shoot in 4k?”.

So why do we shoot event videos on stable tripods, rigs, in broadcast high-quality bitrate formats and more?

Video Formats and making your footage future proof:

Working with a high-quality video format helps the editing and colour grading process. Since, the format is less compressed, it works a lot faster and requires less processing power. Moreover, you get faster editing and better-looking sharper, crisper video. Therefore, we use broadcast quality and documentary cinema cameras for the main video. Thus, making the event video footage is qualified for television, large LED walls and cinema, web ads.

When we have a high-quality format like an MOV, AVI, MTS or a less compressed MP4, the file sizes are a bit larger. However, each pixel also stores a lot more data. This is useful for colour grading, to match different cameras and to give the footage a cinematic look. This is because the footage does not break when you change the exposure and colours during the edit.

Compressed video formats from DSLRs and Smartphones.

Anybody can do good event videographery.

All you need is a good enough camera, right?

Said no one ever!

Compressed formats from DSLRs and smartphones are not really sharp, they seem to be sharp only at the outlines but they are blurry on the skin and other solid objects. Since, they rely on digital sharpening rather than good quality sensors and lenses. Therefore, the raw footage from these cameras is full of small dots. And that’s not all, it’s only after the sharpening and blurring that you get a somewhat usable enough video. However, this gives for a soft hazy look that only seems very digital. It’s not however, sharp enough for television or large screen LEDs.

Many times the settings to relay video on an external screen or projection live streaming have to be different from the format and settings for saving the video on the memory card. Therefore, the footage saved on the card can be of higher resolution and bit rate. Which is why it is only experienced event videographers who can select the right formats and specifications based on the requirements.

What is the most neglected aspect of amateur event videographers in Malaysia?

Ever seen a video with great visual edits but you cant hear a single clear word?

It’s almost incredible isn’t it?

How even a little thing as background noise or unclear audio can completely ruin your video’s essence.

And this is exactly what happens with most of the those incredible videos when its done by an amateur.

Audio is a huge dimension that is popularly neglected by amateur videographers and freelance videographers on Kuala Lumpur. For instance, just using DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, bridge cameras, Camcorders, smartphone cameras in event video productions is like taking an SUV to move a house instead of a truck. In other words, these cameras don’t have the required XLR input ports to capture clear audio from the sound console. Since, while recording audio we want to get clear audio of the speakers and emcees. In addition to that, you also want to get audio of the audience cheering, applauds, or asking questions and more. This is what breathes life into a video. Therefore, this is something that you absolutely do not want neglected.

Neglecting audio is the number one amateur event videographer mistake. Lots of times when we see showreels, samples and snippets of event videographers work in Malaysia, we don’t check for audio recording, there is usually some high energy music playing he background of their sample videos. This is the number one mistake a corporate event manager can make while shortlisting an event videographer company in Malaysia.

Value for your “Event videography price Malaysia”.

When you spend so much money on an event, it’s best to get the most value out of the event video too. This helps you to document and use this footage for broadcast and PR purposes when the opportunity arises. Any audience has a short term memory of experiencing an event. Your events’ fantastic experience can be recreated and relished for years to come. You can recreate the imagination and experience of the event in viewers from all over the world. Even if they weren’t able to attend your event. A good event videography production will help you multiply in your sales and marketing objectives. Sending out copies of the post-event edit snippets to prospective clients reminds them about their relationship and experience they had with your brand and event.

Professional and broadcast-quality event production equipment: It’s challenging to get a lot of usable footage from handheld DSLRs/ mirrorless and smartphone cameras.lots of times the footage goes in and out of focus. This because events usually happen in low light and are collaborating with bright and contrasting LED screens in the background. This makes it hard to shoot on amateur equipment or for an inexperienced event videographer.

Your event videographer has to be very experienced in covering corporate and retail events. The camera focus and exposure are continuously adjusted in a manual mode so that the faces of the talent on stage are not bleached out due to the bright lights from the spotlights above. Or the exposure isn’t set to the backlight from the powerful LED screen making silhouettes of your talent on stage. The faces of the speakers have to be in focus even if they are walking across the stage or among the audience. This is why we don’t engage inexperienced event freelance videographers on our productions.

Event Videographer Setup.

We have a dedicated setup of 3 to 6 experienced local event videographers. Our cameras, tripods and event videographer are placed on a riser at key positions to capture the entire event seamlessly. Directing and organising the event videographers is an important part of the setup. This is how we can tell a complete event story. None of your important shots are ever missed out. We are always recording from multiple angles. We want to make sure that the different event videographers are capturing different angles simultaneously. They must not be overlapping each other or coming in between the field of view of other event videographers. The event photographers are also briefed well. We ensure that they don’t block the event videographer. It’s a lot about teamwork, like synchronised swimming.

Event Video Audio Visuals and video editing.

When we have an event planned. We usually need to create excitement and promote the event as well. And during the event, we might need to play multiple audio visuals and slideshows to interact and communicate better with the audience. Finally, there is also a post-event video, that requires a multicamera edit from the event Videography footage.

Your event videos need to be professionally edited to give the best experience. Typically, all of your low-quality shots are edited out. The best footage is edited in the timeline to showcase the highlights and power angles of your speakers on stage. The footage of your speaker interacting with the audience is captured from a side view. The audience’s reactions to the events show how well the interaction was accepted. This is how your viewers are beautifully taken through your event videography journey.

An event video structure usually is about establishing your location through aerial videography. Next, introducing your main speakers, talents, stakeholders and entertainers. And finally, testimonials and interviews from the VIPs and audience to reinforce their positive experience of your event.

Event Videography Services:

We provide the following post-production and video editing services for events:

Animated intro and logo videos. Stealomatic and motivational videos from the movie, stock footage, and voice-overs.

Powerpoint presentations and animations. Marketing videos and corporate videos.

2D Animated explainer Videos.

Multiple short and long Event video multi-camera editing, animated logos, motion graphics text and audio synchronisation.

The videos will need to be published in different sizes, dimensions and specifications for PR and social media.

Event videographer Malaysia Price:

A lot of work, equipment and manpower goes into an event videography. Typically the “event videographer Malaysia price” is a customised price according to the budget and deliverables of the client.

Event videography rates Malaysia

A small event capture with a single camera photography, event videography, and video editing starts at RM 1,000.

A medium budget “event videographer Malaysia price” is about RM 5,000. This is for 2 to 3 videographers and photographers and video editing with animations.

A larger event with aerial videography drones, animations, 3 to 6 videographers and photographers are RM 12,000 and above.

The “event videography rates in Malaysia” will vary according to the duration of the event, location, and number of event videographers and photographers required. The video editing and post-processing deliverables will also contribute to the costs.

Please feel free to use our contact page to connect with us for “Event Videographers Malaysia price” and rates.

We will need to understand the following to provide a competitive costing:
Date, timings and location of the event?
Number of guests/ acts and rough schedule?
Number of videos/ photos and the duration of each video that you require?

We will be able to get back to you with a competitive costing for professional quality event videography in Malaysia.

So what are you waiting for?

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