Corporate Video Productions in Bangalore, India

Corporate Video Productions in Bangalore, India.

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Why corporate video is important?

Corporate videos are crafted with care. Owing to Bangalore being “the global IT hub”, corporate video productions in Bangalore have become sophisticated and trailblazing creatives.

What’s the latest with corporate video productions?

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Corporate video production showreel, Bangalore, India

It’s imperative to effectively connect and reach out to your viewing audience.

There are many ways to tell a story. Sometimes, it’s only a short message from the leadership or CEO. Every story, even a talking-head video has a significant message. Any story deserves priority attention. A story has to be carefully crafted. How else will it realise its communication and marketing potential?

Types of corporate video

Select an explainer video style that suits your business

The corporate video production budget and package for Bangalore is determined by:

  1. How your story is crafted?
  2. What effort needs to go into producing your story?
  3. Longevity of your video, how long can your corporate video be used for a campaign?

An effective corporate video storyboard will engage your audience and viewers. We craft stories that can relate to your local and international customers. The goal is to grow a positive memorable relationship through video content. What encourages your audience to watch, consume and think about what you have to say? Your audience needs to have a positive experience from your message.

Corporate Video Prices?

Different video marketing strategies require unique types of video productions and workflows. The first step to a video marketing plan is to budget for your video production. If you are creating a simple post for social media, you don’t need to spend much. A corporate video for an international sales expo would require a fair budget. Here are some video production price slabs:

Determining video production costs

The video production costs are cumulated by planning for the following:

  1. The number of days of video production shoots.
  2. The quantity of cameras, equipment, actors, locations, crew.
  3. Post-production requirements: editing, motion graphics, animations, voice over, background score production.

While balancing the budget, we want to use the best approach to do justice to tell your story. It is cardinal that we plan the production costs within our allocated budget.

How do I get “more” value?

Our experienced marketing people, storytellers, and production crew strive hard to ensure that you may see value through multiplied sales and engagement. Your video should not only pay for itself; but with the right strategy, it should show increased sales and engagement results. With a well experienced crew, we don’t waste time or lose quality on our productions.

As a result, you receive superior production quality video. Your videos will look world-class and best the competition. And most important, your audience will grow a positive outlook and affinity towards your business.

Our scripts and storyboards are crafted by top industry writers. They consistently write for top viral videos. We craft captivating stories that are tailor-made, specifically for your target audience.

1. This helps increase attention spans.
2. You connect with your audience on an emotional level.
3. You fulfil your marketing and communication agenda requirements.
4. The result is multiplied engagement and business.

Video production is not just about documenting life and dialogue. When you’re producing a video for your business you also want to consider:

How will your audience consume your corporate video content?

This one simple question can make a massive difference in how you approach your entire video production strategy.

  1. You have the ability to turn around the audience’s perception of your brand.
  2. Increase opportunities to multiply business in terms of investments, sales, and social shares.
  3. Retain your audience’s attention for longer, increasing campaign metrics, dwell time and attention span.

How do we make effective video productions for your business ?

  1. Listen to your audience!
  2. Craft characters that are memorable and relatable.
  3. Build environments that speak and show your protagonists character or mood.
  4. Take your audience on a fantastic journey with awe-inspiring and motivating characters.
  5. Showcase the struggles and challenges. Plainly lay out how human and emotionally touching your brand is.
  6. Leave your audience with a motivating “nothing is impossible” message.
  7. Always have a call to action to let them know what to do next.

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