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World-class Corporate Video Production Malaysia.

Help your audience latch on to your corporate journey with video production

Show, don’t tell!

Most often that not, it’s difficult to visualise technologies and algorithms -how things work at your company. Corporate video productions are the most effective way to take your clients on a journey into a new and exciting world. A world of challenges and uplifting clever solutions.

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Corporate Video Production Malaysia [Showreel]

Web Interactive Films is a video production company in Malaysia. We produce high-quality corporate videos in Malaysia. We also produce videos across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Australia, Europe, and the United States.

Our corporate video production Malaysia show-reel showcases some of our recent behind the scenes and production work in Malaysia, Singapore and South East Asia.

It’s always important to tell your origin story narrative. Why? This ensures that we build stronger business relationships. Everything is about storytelling! Establishing the main characters and taking your audience through the journey of impossible challenges and resolution. This helps our audience understand what’s really going on behind the scenes. Meanwhile, you must receive value for your video productions. We must expect positive returns on our media production investments for our clients.

Does your “Marketing Strategy” require a “Professional Video Production Company?“

Do you want to multiply your business with professional video production?

Connect on WhatsApp or leave your details on our contact page, We will send you about 3 to 4 questions by email. Just the basics: About who is your target audience, expected video quality and your video production budget.

What makes the top corporate video production Malaysia list?

  • World-Class Quality
  • Trusted by top brands
  • Ultra HD 4K Recording (avoid DSLR)
  • Aerial Videography
  • Export in any format and size Web Video, LED walls, Theatre screens.
  • Broadcast design motion-graphics and animations.

Corporate Video Production Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the quickest nations to recover from the global economic recession in 2008. Media campaigns. Social media video and Corporate video production in Malaysia has played a significant role in multiplying business and growing investments.

Malaysia is also a beautiful blend of diverse cultures. It is a beautiful country to create culture content and documentaries. It is a melting pot of people from diverse ethnic backgrounds. What is incredible is that people from different races have come together and peacefully co-exist? The Malaysian Peninsula and islands have been one of the top South East Asian countries to bring in foreign investments in real estate and tourism.

We take extreme care as we produce corporate videos in Malaysia. It is important to be sensitive to wildlife, local cultures, and ethnicities.

Malaysia’s monumental architecture and infrastructure compliments it’s beautiful islands, nature and beach spots. This diverseness in urban culture and breathtaking untouched nature spots in proximity makes video production planning affordable. Malaysia is also a much sort after location for video productions worldwide.

Corporate video production Malaysia Kuala Lumpur will always be a hub for marketing meets, sales expos, and trade shows.

“Video is evolving, more than ever, especially during the last 5 years.”

Video Production Company
No Regret Client Experience!

Smaller companies and startups find it challenging to compete with established brands. Big brands have more funding and resources. The good news is that startups could still leverage an effective video production strategy. Video production levels the playfield. Today, videos can do so much more… and they can be produced at different budgets.

While some corporate video production houses might ignore deadlines, exceed production budgets and charge exorbitant prices for templatized solutions,  Web Interactive Films offer a “NO REGRET EXPERIENCE” so that you are satisfied with the quality and the experience.

We offer a fixed cost estimate for our productions and work towards all agreed deliverable at no extra cost.

Video Production Company
Ethical, Seductive and Effective…

Can “corporate video production” really be seductive?

Let’s find out…

Something amazing happened when videos went digital. And even more, when the world put a smartphone camera in everyone’s hands. That rectangular plastic-metal device in everyone’s pockets. People started consuming more video – everywhere. They watch videos about everything. Videos are a part of their everyday lives. Any entrepreneur, brand manager or business knows that this is not something that could be ignored anymore.

What’s so unbelievable is: As a generation, we started making videos of our own. Video calling and video-logs (vlogs) became personal extensions of our expression of thought, opinions, and freedom.

There is a term for this phenomenon: Nomophobia. A fear of not being in reach with a mobile phone or contact.

How did this impact social media giants react?

And what happened to corporate video next?

Every social media network jumped on the video bandwagon. Social media networks like FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter started supporting native video on their channels.

Even Google ranked pages and websites with video, higher on search results. Search engines became clever, they started learning to decode voice and understand videos. They rank videos according to how relevant the content is to a keyword phrase.

Website videos, homepage videos and WhatsApp videos have become the business cards of the century.

Top Corporate Video Production Company in Malaysia

With this explosion of video as the most popularly consumed form of media, it started to put an added pressure on brands. They now had to use video in their marketing campaigns.

With so much noise in the video space, videos needed to be made better, unique and separate themselves, from the competition. This is what we look for while we flick right on a film production company in Malaysia.

Our List of Video Production Company Clients

Video Production Company Malaysia

List of  corporate video production Malaysia clients

List of video production company clients
List of video production company clients
Corporate Video Production Malaysia

How do we make videos better for corporate companies?

Crafting a corporate video is all about speaking to your viewers. With access to lightning-fast analytics, we learn to understand them better! We have so much data, it’s now easy to understand what’s really going on? There are software and apps to track micro-expressions, on how viewers react to visual content. Yes! We have that technology!

It’s now much easier to predict what kind of content is popular with your viewers. Where their interest drops off and why? Meanwhile, we can also see what competition and big brands are doing? These clues give us all we need to know. We can use this data to craft emotional stories and add life to your video productions.

Can video be clever!

What if your video was intuitive enough to answer questions even before they popped up in your viewers’ minds?

We want to tell viewers something interesting. This could be your company’s’ origin story. Provide users with useful information. Information that will save them money, give them more value or free time, make your customers lives better. Developing a corporate video storyboard is the first step in the process.

We want to quickly tell them all this before it’s too late, and before they lose interest or turn away. Adding emotions of empathy, perseverance and motivation can leave your target clients with a positive reflection of your brand after watching your product video.

How does this happen? It happens when you listen to your customers. When you present your business at a conference, a sales expo or even at a small meeting at a coffee shop, you know what makes your audience’s eyes sparkle.

Do you notice when interests dip? When your audience reaches in to pull out her smartphone or roll her eyes. When they lean back and sigh. It’s all about being tuned-in to your client’s expectations. It’s all about understanding: how do they love to consume your information? This is the secret sauce that makes all the difference to a corporate video production.

There have been all sorts of corporate video trends through the ages. And to be honest, We’re lucky we missed quite a few of them. Back in the day, corporate videos were usually an interview with subtitles or a translator reading out a script approaching companies for business across the world. This would be written onto a tape or CD and couriered to random addresses procured from an exhibition magazine or the yellow pages. Very in your face and extremely direct!

Then there came music videos, lip-sync videos, the corporate video, over-the-top spy stories and more. And the last few years saw a series of talking head + b-roll. These gimmicks went a bit too far, over top. Other trends became overused and boring.

Among some of the trends, my personal favorites are the short film approach, documentary style, and honest interviews. There is always a worthy story to be told about any organisation. People will connect with. What will never die out as a trend is to show not tell! Developing neutral shots, b-roll, dramatic enactments, motion graphics and animations to show people your story rather than just telling them through an interview.

So rather than having just a person talking and telling the story, corporate videos do dramatic recreations of these scenes just like you would see in a documentary. This engages viewers and helps viewers connect with the characters and brand on an emotional level. They experience what is really going on without having to be there.

Aerial drone and underwater shots – it’s always great to bring a new perspective and cinematic angle into your story.

Black and white productions – While there are colourful sceneries and chaos everywhere, black and whites help to differentiate between timelines in scenes. They could help us focus on the main issue or character.

Symbolic shots of nature – Adding symbolism to show emotions like “calm” could be created with a gorgeous nature or underwater shot. Breakaway from the regularly expected scenes and timelapse of cityscapes with underwater, drone and time-lapse shots of nature to symbolically set the mood for your audience.

Origin stories that have myths and fantasy and characters – No one is far away from fantasy and it’s a lot easier to depict a negative environment or part of the story with a fantasy creature, a mythical bird that brings low productivity for example.

Extreme slow-motion – need I say more.

Can video production be fun?

Corporate video production are all about trust and relationships. The success of a production is always about keeping everyone relaxed: the stakeholders, the production crew and the audience. The more relaxed and less pressure we have on the set, the better the performance of the talent and the crew. This helps to reduce costs and time on the video production. We take a lot of care during pre-production and post-production. From building the storyboards to the final touches.

We want to make sure that we have addressed all possible contingencies so that everyone has a smooth experience. Being transparent is another factor that goes a long way. Timely communication helps us have a Plan B. It’s always good to let everyone know what’s going on so that there are no last moment surprises.

I also encourage having a relaxed and fun environment on set. Not too relaxed though, because it’s good to keep things professional. And everyone needs to be focused. Especially when we are on tight deadlines and working with expensive equipment. Sometimes, some of the clients like taking a few shots with the second camera.

Sometimes, clients might be excited about manning the clipboard between takes. Our crew and clients spend time chatting about camera lenses and what type of camera they should buy for their travels. We want to be accessible and approachable. We may also shoot some fun short skits or behind the scenes that are played in between corporate events. So there you have it, corporate video production doesn’t have to always be boring or really serious. Happy faces make great videos!

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