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Corporate Video Price Malaysia?

You must have heard the quote “a video without a storyboard is like a building without a foundation”. It is important to determine some kind of rough storyboard or reference video to allocate a corporate video price in Malaysia.

You may scroll below to get some benchmark costs for corporate video prices in Malaysia.

These days we have just a few seconds when a video starts playing to make a powerful first impression.

With so many corporate videos for competitive businesses in Malaysia and all over the world it becomes increasingly difficult for businesses to pay attention to your corporate story. What your business needs to do is grab your clients attention quickly and then retain this attention for as much time that your video can engage them.

What is an optimal duration for a video to get a value for money corporate video price in Malaysia?

Confusion and a sense of being overwhelmed are not good for video watch time or audience retention. Starting with a clear and direct message of what the video is about sets a powerful and confident tone. It will tell people that you mean business, you take their time and yours seriously. Most important, you are not here to waste their time. In fact, you will add value to their lives and their business when they take out the time to engage with your video.

There are 3 segments for short corporate video durations:

  1. Corporate video ads
    Duration: 20 to 30 seconds
    Short corporate videos are priced competitively. They are short ads that generate interest in your audience and end with a call to action to reach your website. The 20 to 30-second ads are most suitable to be published on social media like YouTube, LinkedIn, and if relevant to your audience, even Instagram or FaceBook.
  2. Short videos: corporate video production
    Duration: 120 to 180 seconds
    Corporate video productions are high impact videos that showcase your business, products and services. These short video productions in Malaysia, focus on your infrastructure, patents/ products, and team strengths. These short two-minute corporate videos may also be used as website videos. Short two-minute corporate video productions in Malaysia are videos that are typically consumed during b2b meetings online or face to face. The corporate video can also be uploaded to your business website and social media. Businesses will consume your corporate video to compare your services and products with your competitors. This is why this video can go up to 5 minutes so as to talk about all your credentials and solution features.
  3. Long videos: corporate training videos
    Duration 5 minutes to 15 minutes
    Corporate video productions in Malaysia sometimes need to talk about important messages and can go a bit longer. These type of long corporate videos are typically suitable for corporate video training modules. Longer duration corporate training videos may be required when you need to

Budgeting for a project is a crucial step to your marketing or media plan. It is imperative to have a simple ballpark reference costing for corporate video productions. This is why we have worked out a template for the video production price list in Malaysia (Malaysian Ringgit).

Please find below some ranges for corporate video price malaysia

Cost effective corporate video production Malaysia

RM 2000 to RM 6000
Interview shoots, social media videos and small events

World class corporate video production Malaysia

RM 8000 to RM 18000
Marketing, Sales & Corporate Video Productions.

Training videos and documentary style corporate video productions in Malaysia

Malaysia/ 4k Cinema, TV commercials, YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram, Web advertisements.

High budget corporate video production Malaysia

RM 45000 upwards
Marketing, Sales & Corporate Video Productions.

Training videos and documentary style corporate video productions in Malaysia

Malaysia/ 4k Cinema, TV commercials, YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram, Web advertisements.

Video production costs Malaysia

Videography Malaysia price for live-action video productions depends on the following variables:

  • The number of days of video production shoots.
  • The number of cameras, equipment, actors, locations, crew.
  • Post-production requirements: editing, motion graphics, animations, voice over, background score production.

We want to use the best approach to do justice to tell your story. Meanwhile, we want to plan the productions so that all costs are well within your budget.

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