Commercial Video Price: Malaysia

Corporate Video Price Malaysia?

Budgeting for a project is a crucial step to a marketing or media plan. It is imperative to have a simple ballpark reference costing for corporate video productions. This is why we have worked out a template for the video production price list in Malaysia (Malaysian Ringgit).

Budget Video Production
RM 2,000 to RM 6,000.

Interview shoots, social media videos and small events.

World-class Video Production
RM 8,000 to RM 18,000.

Marketing, Sales & Corporate Video Productions/ YouTube, FaceBook, Instagram, Web advertisements.

High budget Production
RM 45,000 upwards.

Movie film crew. Multiple locations. Professional actors. Advanced VFX.

Video production costs Malaysia

Videography Malaysia price for live-action video productions depends on the following variables:

  • The number of days of video production shoots.
  • The number of cameras, equipment, actors, locations, crew.
  • Post-production requirements: editing, motion graphics, animations, voice over, background score production.

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We want to use the best approach to do justice to tell your story. Meanwhile, we want to plan the productions so that all costs are well within your budget.