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With our explainer video maker Canada Toronto services, discover how to reach potential clients and corporates alike. Businesses in Canada are seeking your business with a carefully appraising eye.

1000s of businesses in Toronto are uploading videos to reach their teams & clients daily

Select an explainer video style that suits your business

It is imperative to work with modern and creative video production ideas when you want to stand out from all the noise, competitors and a multitude of brand explainer videos in Canada.

The main takeaway to consider for your animated explainer video is that your audience only consumes only a few seconds of video before they decide to engage with any more of your content.

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How to grab the attention of your viewers?

This is where an Explainer video maker in Canada, Toronto can help turn things around.

How to be effective and capture the attention of your audience?

The way people in Toronto are consuming content and information has changed in the last few months. With analytics and statistics, we are able to clearly see that the high-value video productions are no more a variable that determines an increase in viewer engagement and watch time. Business and corporate workforces alike are more interested in bite-sized information that is relevant to them on an emotional level.

The services we provide at Explainer Video Maker Canada Toronto will help create relatable characters. Animated explainer videos convey the core of your marketing message in a bite-sized doze.

With explainer videos, your potential customers receive a clear explanation of your product and service in just a few minutes. This guarantees that customers in Toronto, Canada and across the world will receive answers to their queries with personal added value when they visit.

In this era of monopolistic competition, your brand needs an entirely different promotional strategy that can engage with your audience effectively. Our experienced team of filmmakers create world class animated explainer videos in Toronto. The services provided by our video production company at Toronto enables you to increase sales as well as collaborate with your potential partners effortlessly.

Our team of experts at Web Interactive Films craft explainer video in Toronto for your business today!

Explainer video production US Plain City

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How to increase business revenue with explainer video production in Plain City?

An effective way to reach out to your target audience through 2D animated explainer video services in Plain City. Help your audience to receive your marketing message clearly and effortlessly.

87% of marketing professionals depend on video

Our Explainer video company in Plain City crafts beautiful and immersive explainer videos for your corporate audience. Videos that generate a keen interest in your audience minds and a positive perception of your business services.

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Let’s face it. Business is a numbers game. The more eyeballs on your business, the more enquiries. But wait, are we missing something here? Not any views. Low-quality views to an unrelated audience reduce the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. This is why we need to be laser focussed right from the first second of your video. The video needs to connect with your corporate audience on a very deep and relatable level. A dialogue.

At Web Interactive Films- Plain City, we provide the best-animated explainer video in Plain City region. Experience a dedicated team of professional and creative people putting their best ideas into your video communication.

Explainer video production in US Palo Alto

Digital marketing, especially explainer video production in US Palo Alto has transitioned through a complete revolution in the last few months. People are staying at home to save lives. The way businesses and corporate audience are consuming animated explainer video alike has increased in watch time.

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Take a look at our explainer video samples

Viewers are now also able to block out traditional advertising or business content more intuitively. This is because their minds are bombarded with at least 1 hour of advertising content every day. There are businesses just like yours who are flourishing by effectively using new styles of explainer video production in Palo Alto.

Explainer video production starting from $500 have grown to be the most effective ways to engage and train employees and market your business.

Gamification in your explainer video story strategy to engage businesses

Take a look at our explainer video samples

Long periods of lock downs and isolations have corporate people at all levels clenching to their smartphones and glued to their laptop screens now more than ever. High value live action video productions have lost their novelty. Viewers have been consuming more content that emotionally relates to them. Content like vlogs which focus on emotional storytelling and building trust through one on one dialogues. Video games have now set in to fill the void left by depleting live sports action according to JP Mordan.

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Wondered what’s the secret to the success of the top brands and businesses?

Explainer video production in US Palo Alto is a leading avenue for businesses and brand promotion alike. Promotional digital strategies for businesses in Pal Alto have drastically upped their game. The audience’s attention span has reduced because they have been evolving a keen eye to spot bull$hit. Competition has increased too with brands and disruptive startups battling for market share. Well-produced authoritative explainer video production in the US Palo Alto have been studied. The results are out. Immersive and engaging ways of producing content impacts your audience’s ability to remember your brand.

The Explainer video production US Palo Alto format makes it a lot easier to increase audience retention and helps them to have two-way communication and have a better understanding of your brand within a few seconds. To provide the best-animated explainer video in the Palo Alto region, you will have a dedicated team of experienced creative people from Web Interactive Films instead of freelancers. Let’s get started!

Explainer video production US Santa Clara

How business’ have been thriving with explainer video productions in the US, Santa Clara this year? The internet has experienced a spike in traffic with people staying at home and consuming more training and educational content.

With our explainer video production in Santa Clara, your business can experience the most result-oriented strategy of our time. Let’s face it. It’s a numbers game, it’s becoming harder to be relevant and visible in the eyes of your audience. Even individuals from businesses are glued to their smartphone screens, they’re getting most of their work done on their phones. To stay above the competition and multiply business to business interactions we have seen a lot of success with explainer video productions in the US, Santa Clara. In today’s times, it’s imperative to get your story onto the screens of your potential clients.

Take a look at our explainer video samples

Top brands and 1000s of businesses have been working with us to develop explainer video productions in Santa Clara. You can browse through a few styles that are extremely relevant and with businesses such as yours.

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Whiteboard Explainer video production services in Santa Clara, US are also catching on again. Studies and feedback surveys have noted that users experience a soothing journey as they see characters being drawn while you explain your story to them.

Provide an immersive experience we provide through animated explainer video Santa Clara.

Video animation services in the USA

Bizzare could be a way to mildly describe how a pandemic affects business?

618 billion dollar market in the US

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Meanwhile, no one is talking about the business revolution we are experiencing at this very moment. A 618 billion dollar market in the United States. According to the World Advertising and Research Center, It is estimated to be a bumper year for digital video.

Bear with me, as I show you how your marketing campaigns could thrive in today’s economy with animated video productions in the USA. You could multiply business through your video marketing campaigns. You don’t want to be too late or lose out on the opportunity before the trend catches on and the market gets saturated.

Select an explainer video style that suits your business

Create a quick brief. Sit back and experience our result driven workflow.

Video marketing has made tremendous headway this year. Video production styles have evolved massively due to the pandemic. Businesses are consuming more illustrated and vlog-style content. Meanwhile, Video animation services in the USA are still an untapped asset for a lot of businesses. Most businesses are still putting out videos that look very dated for our times.

Businesses and decision-makers are working from home and spending more time on their smartphones every day. While they are not working on their computers, top management, just like everyone else is glued to their smartphone screens. The highest watch times have been clocked in this year. This is especially true for business to business. Video is the most popular format that business leadership has come to trust and consume.

Other businesses have failed to evolve and see the opportunities to be relevant to their audience. Let’s face it, as traditional marketing trends become ineffective, companies need to evolve their marketing strategies. Businesses will need to evolve with equally compelling alternatives or they must shut down.

Here are the top 5 misconceptions about animated videos for business:

  1. Animated videos have to have 2D flat characters that look like comics. – While we saw a surge of “Hi, I’m Bob” 2d animation videos this decade, business videos can use product images, 3D renders and serious characters that look more real to preserve the brands’ identity.
  2. Animated business videos need to look like presentations – Animated videos have evolved so much since the flash animations of the early 2000s. There are great moton graphics and fast-paced kinetic typography styles to visually bring your case studies, facts and numbers and capture your audience’s emotions.
  3. Live-action videos are most suitable for b2b marketing – Animated videos can have sleek edits of live-action footage, stock images, and motion graphics to create an immersive experience for your business buyers. Moreover, businesses are run by people and they will buy into an emotion of how the product will make their consumers feel. Powerpoint style videos do injustice to your brand story.
  4. Animated videos take a lot of time to create – While we can get a template or stock video solution, we have learnt that creating a custom animation for your brand is way more effective. But with clever workflows, we are able to reduce turn around times for simple projects to 1 to 3 days and typical 2-minute projects to 7 to 10 days.
  5. Animated explainer videos are expensive – Animated explainer videos are quite expensive, they cost around $20 per second. Meanwhile, the world is your imagination. Anything that can be visualised can go into your animated video. You will not need to hire expensive equipment, talent or renting out locations. Meanwhile, there are less expensive solutions as well like whiteboard animated videos or slideshow and video edits with text animation, that is minimal and relaxing to watch.
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Which explainer video style suits your business objectives? Live action, stock footage or animated? Take a look at our explainer video showreel and samples.

Your animated video production workflow doesn’t have to be all cartoony or look unprofessional. We can craft sharp, corporate styles to suit your brand.

Animated video simply works because they are packaged in a style that your business clients can consume.

Most businesses make videos that are similar to animated PowerPoint or keynote presentations instead of using corporate characters. In today’s times, low-quality videos may have a negative impact on your brand and reduce trust in your product.

85% of people are more likely to buy a product once they see your video

So you’ll be glad to know that with an effective strategy and workflow for video animation services you can get your product the attention it requires. According to a recent survey conducted by Video Rascal, 85% of people are more likely to buy a product once they see an accompanying explainer video. Even 93% of business who use video believe that explainer videos have increased user understanding of their products or services.

This is why at Web interactive films, we work to present your products’ story through
engaging and riveting animations. With the help of graphics, we scope engrossing stories that expand your products’ influence.

However, just deciding on animations isn’t the final stop of the decision train but
rather the starting.

Which explainer video style suits your business objectives? Live action, stock footage or animated? Take a look at our explainer video showreel and samples.

How do you make animated videos?

Working out strategies and to have a clear understanding of the message you want to
deliver is imperative. It helps your business client to better understand your story.
Which in turn is incredibly useful in generating public interest and increasing
conversion rates.

For example, if you are looking to tell your brand story in a simple and minimal way, then whiteboard animations can be a great way to get started. You can use a two-minute engaging video to tell your audience your story and idea behind your product through a way that’s both emotional and satisfying.

Or if you need your customers to have a better understanding of your products so that you can build trust and a loyal customer base? Investing in then animated explainer videos serve as a great approach.

These different types of animations or videos can communicate your ideas and views effectively. This is what Web Interactive films can offer you. An opportunity to be heard in a sea of growing content and reduced attention.

How effective are explainer videos or animations?

Susan Kare said “Good design’s not about what medium you’re working in.
It’s about thinking hard about what you want to do and what you have to work
with before you start.”

Which is exactly what we as an animated explainer company do. We
lean heavily on the storytelling part of the animated video production and
thus prepare accordingly. We work to understand the values behind your products
and provide designs that do justice to them.  

Our writers and motion graphic professionals scope engrossing storylines that boost
your intent and power your engagement. In addition, we build static mood
boards that define your visual styles and the way you want your creative to engage with your audience. Lastly, we deliver polished motion graphics or animations that
you can easily use for either websites, social media or one-on-one meetings.

Join thousands of businesses around the globe that have worked with us.

We have worked in video production California; provided services as a video production company in Los Angeles and doodle videos in Santa Clara and many other cities as an explainer video company in the USA.

Create a quick brief. Sit back and experience our result driven workflow.

What do we provide as a video animation company? 

Web Interactive Films video production services include:

Web Interactive Films is a video animation company. We have provided our video animation services and video production services in the USA in several cities: Seattle, Santa Clara, San Jose, Las Vegas, Los Angeles etc.

Furthermore, you can also use our videos on any platform from websites to even live slideshows and presentations.

Our experienced and professional team helps you with all your decisions
throughout the process. And that doesn’t take into account the fact that we
work to bring your brand’s unique identity to your customers in a way that they
can appreciate you and remember your brand.

So contact us and let’s have a chat about how we can craft your brand story and
translate your story to your customers through engaging animations.

Drop us a line on our contact page or even schedule a chat or video call.