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Please note that the animated explainer video price calculator is only a simplified budgeting tool.

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Explain your business and multiply sales with animated explainer videos. Our animated explainer videos:

Animated explainer video productions makes life easy, especially when you are looking to increase your audience retention. Experience a worry-free and time efficient workflow.

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Which explainer video style suits your business objectives? Live action, stock footage or animated? Take a look at our explainer video showreel and samples.

Creating live-action video productions requires planning and time. They are very expensive. And because they are so expensive, the production goes through many levels of approvals and decision making. You can’t afford to go wrong.

What if you could get that same experience with live-action stock footage video or even animated explainer video productions in Glasgow?

Over the years, direct marketing has been a successful tool for businesses. Going a step further, marketing experts like yourself have found it easier to simply share a video. This creates a positive communication to engage with their business to business customers. Instead of emailing a PDF brochure with all their service features, a quick 40-second video could showcase more information than a 600-word document and pictures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

All you need to do is choose the type of video you want from the link below and get started. Let’s get started.

Can I speak to someone before ordering?

Sure! Ask your questions and receive a prompt reply. We could also schedule a chat or video/ audio call.

What do I do if my video is not to my liking?

We share work in progress and get your approval at every step of the way. A first cut is a rough guess of what the video might look like and we usually make changes and revisions based on your feedback. Pay as you go. If you don’t like the video after the revisions, you can request a refund.

How long will it take to complete my video?

An animated explainer video production takes around 7 to 10 days from conception to final delivery. This includes changes and revisions that you might request as well.

Do you provide extra fast one day deliveries?

In our experience videos always take about 7 to 10 days to complete.

We also create or edit videos with templates and shortcut workflows. Contact us and we’ll ensure an extra fast delivery.

What is your change request and revision policy?

Unlimited small changes. Change requests like replacing text, adding a phone number, a website are quick and easy to do. We provide unlimited small changes.

Meanwhile, revisions might need for us to go back to the drawing board and change the illustrations, then animate the scene again, and finally stitch the video together with the sound effects, voice over and music to fit the updated sequence. We provide 2 major animation revisions at no extra cost.

What are the different explainer videos styles

There are many styles and trends for explainer videos: 2D animated explainer videos, 3D character animated videos, motion graphics and whiteboard animations are some of the popular and trending styles.

View all our explainer video styles.

We’ll recommend the best style that fits your brand, audience engagement requirements and budget.

How much do animated explainer videos cost?

To make things simple and transparent for you, we have created an animated explainer video pricing calculator.

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How to share your business services in a more effective way with explainer video UK productions in Glasgow?

Stop sharing long brochures, feature-benefit PDFs or irrelevant information to your potential customer. You could now laser focus your message for every service and feature for your target audience. You’ll be smiling to the bank with potential businesses connecting back with genuine enquiries and wanting to know more about what you could do for them?

We will craft creatives for you that are unique, feature-rich, and immersive. Experience connecting with businesses with our explainer video Glasgow services.

To provide the best explainer video solutions in the Glasgow region, work with our dedicated team of experienced filmmakers from Web Interactive Films.