3 ways to elevate your digital advertising campaign with video production


Please indulge me for a moment while I show you how twenty years of work experience in digital marketing and video production will alter the effectiveness of your campaign.

As a case in point, let’s say you’re right handed and decide to write a short quote with your left hand. Let us uncomplicate this task. Let’s say you’d like to draw a basic shape like a circle or triangle. Now, even if you were ambidextrous you will undeniably experience some strain or discomfort. Trauma and anxiety to say the least. Meanwhile, your writing hand has years of experience. Forging shapes and strokes are effortless. Words are about to flow without even having to give a thought about your motor skills.

“Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. You need experience to gain wisdom.”


Here are 3 ways for you to see how an experienced hand can elevate your digital advertising campaign?

But who are these experienced video makers anyway?

When we consider “experienced talent”, look for people who have relevant work experience. Creative people who have worked on similar projects in the past. People who have been working in the field for 10 years or more. Further to this, it makes us comfortable when we work with well-seasoned, responsible and calm individuals. They’re professionals.

  • Professional resources typically come with a large body of work from different verticals. They have worked with different styles of productions. They have worked with big brands, single owner startups and small businesses. Experienced technocrats have already worked on very similar video productions or styles that you may be considering to produce. They come with the know-how to effortlessly follow through with your production. They are not running heater skelter to complete the job on time. Moreover, an experienced team adds value at every step and is able to advise clients on how to effectively improve their campaign and increase audience attention?
  • Meanwhile, upcoming creative people are primarily focused on signing up new clients and closing sales even if they are unsure of the work. Soon after the sign-off, they give up. They may provide a refund or sometimes even make a demand for an additional fee. You may receive a reply to the effect of “hey, we can both agree that I have put in enough time on your project and you are still not satisfied with my efforts…”. In contrast to this, an experienced person has his eyes set on bringing your project to full completion. To add to this she would like to see it being successful. With this also comes achieving campaign goals and building customer relationships. Not forgetting to make the experience pleasant so that it’s just like flying on autopilot.
  • When we work with focused and experienced individuals, campaigns progress seamlessly with less stress and anxiety throughout the process. Change requests processes are courteous and timely. To add to this, with experience comes the ability to make projections and predictions on not only budgets and timelines; but more important, to project how a campaign can fare and how well it will be received by your intended audience.

To conclude, I suppose we can all agree that you save a lot of time, money and heartache when you commission your video production work to someone who has been doing it for a while.

At Web Interactive Films, we provide clever, simplified and effective work flows. As a result briefs, inputs and changes are always easy to communicate. We take out the stress and anxiety from the experience of launching your digital video marketing campaigns.

Have a worry-free and stress-free video production experience.

While our focus is on animated explainer videos we also provide a plethora of digital services so that all aspects of your campaign are wholly covered.

Web Interactive Films is an interactive video production company and digital agency that craft:

  • Live action corporate videos
  • TV commercials
  • 3D & 2D explainer videos
  • Interactive videos & media
  • Interactive powerpoint sales presentations
  • Infographics & illustrations
  • Interactive web design and virtual events
  • App development and web development
  • Brand & identity design
  • SEO, SEM, Marketing strategy

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Feel free to get in touch, we could have a quick chat or schedule a call to recommend a clever way to quickly achieve your campaign goals.

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Explainer Video Maker Canada Montreal

Looking for original and transparent pricing for your animated explainer video service in Montreal?

Explainer video production company montreal Canada

Businesses have been adopting different strategies to survive these difficult times of crisis. At the same time, corporate buyers have been shifting their priorities to focus on short term goals and essential needs instead. Of course, you want returns for every buck spent. You want your marketing strategies to develop increased revenue and profits.

Revenue down by 40%

According to Statistics Canada, approximately two-fifths of businesses with 5 to 19 employees (41.4%) and 20 to 99 employees (39.1%) reported that their revenues were down 40% or more. While most people think that this is only affecting small businesses, the fact is that the repercussions have been effecting teams of large businesses as well.

Here is some good news when you engage an explainer video maker Canada Montreal

Which explainer video style suits your business objectives? Live action, stock footage or animated? Take a look at our explainer video showreel and samples.

At Web Interactive Films, our dedicated video production team creates original explainer video styles with narratives that are customer-centric and result-oriented.

Businesses just like yours need to focus their video marketing strategies on meeting urgent pain points. People are spending more time glued to their devices. It’s difficult to get one on one meetings or hold their attention. Corporate customers and individuals alike, all over the world are changing the way they consume content. For many small companies and teams, this could just be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

With the influx of small businesses and online training services, there is so much noise on the internet. It’s becoming more difficult to engage and interact with your audience online.

Thinking about long term plans are a bit far off for most companies at the moment. The Canadian market and Montreal audience are evolving at an increasing pace to cope with the new normal. The way people are consuming content has changed. While we don’t want to be neglecting long term opportunities, even the most seasoned marketing strategists couldn’t hit the elephant at this distance. Leave alone being laser-focused and targetting the right audience group.

The key to coming out of this quagmire, especially in Montreal, is two-fold.

  1. The first step is to examine your value proposition.
  2. Secondly, you want to re-orient your marketing strategy.

Find out how our explainer Video Maker Canada Montreal promotional tools can help you connect with clients and people in your own team.

Our explainer video maker Canada Montreal makes videos that are crisp, clear and customer-oriented. It is important that a sense of cohesion is maintained with all your communication and marketing messages. This simple process helps you stay relevant in the minds of your audience. Our creative scripts ensure that your audience receives an assurance that they made the right decision by choosing you.

Which explainer video style suits your business objectives? Live action, stock footage or animated? Take a look at our explainer video showreel and samples.

Our explainer video company in Montreal provides your customers with an immersive experience. Want to add a rocket launch in your scene? No problem. With explainer videos, the sky is the limit. We can craft innovate creative and ideas that are needed to set you above the competition.

Let our team of experts at Web Interactive Films create the budget-friendly and engaging animated explainer video in Montreal region for your business today!

Create a quick brief. Sit back and experience our result driven workflow.

Explainer video maker Canada Vancouver

What is the most impactful way to reach your target customers online ?

Here is what you need to know about our explainer video maker Canada Vancouver.

Introducing Web Interactive Films, an explainer video maker. Why we are relevant to the success of animated explainer videos in Vancouver.

Times are hard. In today’s market, many businesses in Vancouver are finding themselves between a rock and a hard place. With limited access to travel and one-on-one meetings, It’s becoming more and more difficult to connect with corporate businesses and clients in Vancouver.

This does not have to be the case any more. Explainer video maker services in Canada can help you increase visibility with your desired target audience. Businesses can experience smooth sailing growth even in times of a pandemic or economic recession.

83% of video marketers say “video has helped generate leads

Select an explainer video style that suits your business

According to a search by Wyzowl, 83% of video marketers say that video has helped them generate leads. Aside from that, one thing is certain, businesses have invested more in video production strategies. Animated explainer video Vancouver is an integral part of business promotion and the results have been amazing.

What if you could virtually put your sales deck, sales pitch and marketing material into one short audiovisual explainer video within arm’s length of every prospective client in Vancouver? It’s like giving your audience a movie-like experience to consume information about your products and services.

Which explainer video style suits your business objectives? Live action, stock footage or animated? Take a look at our explainer video showreel and samples.

Maintaining positive relationships with your audience is paramount. It’s imperative to grow together with your clients and customers. What’s most important is that your brand will grow multiplied recognition and credibility in the marketplace.

And here is where we step in! Web Interactive Films is a full service animated explainer video production company. We carefully handle your video project requirements right from scripting to the final production. There are no hidden costs, right from customizations to unlimited revisions we got it all covered in our Explainer video maker services at Canada Vancouver.

At Web Interactive Films, our dedicated video production team creates original explainer video styles with narratives that are customer-centric and result-oriented.

Drop us a line on our contact page or even schedule a chat or video call.

At Web Interactive Films Vancouver, we provide explainer video services at Vancouver that are laser-focused to increase your business. Explainer video productions also increase your domain authority and build positive effects that earn your client’s trust. All of us want to maintain long and lasting relationships with our customers.

We invite you on a journey to the best explainer video company services in the Vancouver region. Experience working with a dedicated team of professional creative people from Web Interactive Films. It’s easy to get started with animated explainer video services in Canada.

Create a quick brief. Sit back and experience our result driven workflow.

Video Maker Canada Toronto

With our explainer video maker Canada Toronto services, discover how to reach potential clients and corporates alike. Businesses in Canada are seeking your business with a carefully appraising eye.

1000s of businesses in Toronto are uploading videos to reach their teams & clients daily

Select an explainer video style that suits your business

It is imperative to work with modern and creative video production ideas when you want to stand out from all the noise, competitors and a multitude of brand explainer videos in Canada.

The main takeaway to consider for your animated explainer video is that your audience only consumes only a few seconds of video before they decide to engage with any more of your content.

Take a look at our explainer video samples

How to grab the attention of your viewers?

This is where an Explainer video maker in Canada, Toronto can help turn things around.

How to be effective and capture the attention of your audience?

The way people in Toronto are consuming content and information has changed in the last few months. With analytics and statistics, we are able to clearly see that the high-value video productions are no more a variable that determines an increase in viewer engagement and watch time. Business and corporate workforces alike are more interested in bite-sized information that is relevant to them on an emotional level.

The services we provide at Explainer Video Maker Canada Toronto will help create relatable characters. Animated explainer videos convey the core of your marketing message in a bite-sized doze.

With explainer videos, your potential customers receive a clear explanation of your product and service in just a few minutes. This guarantees that customers in Toronto, Canada and across the world will receive answers to their queries with personal added value when they visit.

In this era of monopolistic competition, your brand needs an entirely different promotional strategy that can engage with your audience effectively. Our experienced team of filmmakers create world class animated explainer videos in Toronto. The services provided by our video production company at Toronto enables you to increase sales as well as collaborate with your potential partners effortlessly.

Our team of experts at Web Interactive Films craft explainer video in Toronto for your business today!

Explainer video production US Plain City

Kindly note, audio has been muted

How to increase business revenue with explainer video production in Plain City?

An effective way to reach out to your target audience through 2D animated explainer video services in Plain City. Help your audience to receive your marketing message clearly and effortlessly.

87% of marketing professionals depend on video

Our Explainer video company in Plain City crafts beautiful and immersive explainer videos for your corporate audience. Videos that generate a keen interest in your audience minds and a positive perception of your business services.

Take a look at our explainer video samples

Let’s face it. Business is a numbers game. The more eyeballs on your business, the more enquiries. But wait, are we missing something here? Not any views. Low-quality views to an unrelated audience reduce the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. This is why we need to be laser focussed right from the first second of your video. The video needs to connect with your corporate audience on a very deep and relatable level. A dialogue.

At Web Interactive Films- Plain City, we provide the best-animated explainer video in Plain City region. Experience a dedicated team of professional and creative people putting their best ideas into your video communication.