Corporate Video Productions in Bangalore, India

Corporate Video Productions in Bangalore, India.

corporate video production company

Why corporate video is important?

Corporate videos are crafted with care. Owing to Bangalore being “the global IT hub”, corporate video productions in Bangalore have become sophisticated and trailblazing creatives.

What’s the latest with corporate video productions?

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Corporate video production showreel, Bangalore, India

It’s imperative to effectively connect and reach out to your viewing audience.

There are many ways to tell a story. Sometimes, it’s only a short message from the leadership or CEO. Every story, even a talking-head video has a significant message. Any story deserves priority attention. A story has to be carefully crafted. How else will it realise its communication and marketing potential?

Types of corporate video

Select an explainer video style that suits your business

The corporate video production budget and package for Bangalore is determined by:

  1. How your story is crafted?
  2. What effort needs to go into producing your story?
  3. Longevity of your video, how long can your corporate video be used for a campaign?

An effective corporate video storyboard will engage your audience and viewers. We craft stories that can relate to your local and international customers. The goal is to grow a positive memorable relationship through video content. What encourages your audience to watch, consume and think about what you have to say? Your audience needs to have a positive experience from your message.

Corporate Video Prices?

Different video marketing strategies require unique types of video productions and workflows. The first step to a video marketing plan is to budget for your video production. If you are creating a simple post for social media, you don’t need to spend much. A corporate video for an international sales expo would require a fair budget. Here are some video production price slabs:

Determining video production costs

The video production costs are cumulated by planning for the following:

  1. The number of days of video production shoots.
  2. The quantity of cameras, equipment, actors, locations, crew.
  3. Post-production requirements: editing, motion graphics, animations, voice over, background score production.

While balancing the budget, we want to use the best approach to do justice to tell your story. It is cardinal that we plan the production costs within our allocated budget.

How do I get “more” value?

Our experienced marketing people, storytellers, and production crew strive hard to ensure that you may see value through multiplied sales and engagement. Your video should not only pay for itself; but with the right strategy, it should show increased sales and engagement results. With a well experienced crew, we don’t waste time or lose quality on our productions.

As a result, you receive superior production quality video. Your videos will look world-class and best the competition. And most important, your audience will grow a positive outlook and affinity towards your business.

Our scripts and storyboards are crafted by top industry writers. They consistently write for top viral videos. We craft captivating stories that are tailor-made, specifically for your target audience.

1. This helps increase attention spans.
2. You connect with your audience on an emotional level.
3. You fulfil your marketing and communication agenda requirements.
4. The result is multiplied engagement and business.

Video production is not just about documenting life and dialogue. When you’re producing a video for your business you also want to consider:

How will your audience consume your corporate video content?

This one simple question can make a massive difference in how you approach your entire video production strategy.

  1. You have the ability to turn around the audience’s perception of your brand.
  2. Increase opportunities to multiply business in terms of investments, sales, and social shares.
  3. Retain your audience’s attention for longer, increasing campaign metrics, dwell time and attention span.

How do we make effective video productions for your business ?

  1. Listen to your audience!
  2. Craft characters that are memorable and relatable.
  3. Build environments that speak and show your protagonists character or mood.
  4. Take your audience on a fantastic journey with awe-inspiring and motivating characters.
  5. Showcase the struggles and challenges. Plainly lay out how human and emotionally touching your brand is.
  6. Leave your audience with a motivating “nothing is impossible” message.
  7. Always have a call to action to let them know what to do next.

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Video production during the pandemic

Let’s talk about something that would be worth your time

I recently commissioned creative work to a promising young agency. Only to get back absolute garbage after a never-ending wait of three weeks. This is what usually happens when we engage an amateur freelancer to produce content. I submit, I was bested.

Raise your hand if this has ever happened to you.

Have you ever produced content that drove your customers away?

The terrifying part was that the agency couldn’t recognise the mistakes in their delivery. My feedback made no sense to them. They insisted that the feedback points were new requirements and new changes that were never discussed. This company said that the corrections would cost more, and take more time.

Worst of all, the creative people would only respond at some ungodly hour of the night while I was fast asleep. Even though they are a local company. And they ghosted me. This wasn’t the polite well natured attitude that I was met with when we signed off.

Have you ever been ghosted halfway through a video production process? Sigh! The heartache. No one likes spending the wee hours of every wretched morning drafting and repeating the same changes again. Yes, the same changes that haven’t been done for the seventeenth time.

No one has the time to sit through every single frame of a video and point out mistakes to ensure that the video production guy gets the brand and story right. This should not be your job. The effort of getting your video production person up to speed just isn’t worth it. Why does this happen? It’s always because it’s the first time he’s working with a brand that cares about what they put out.

I’m sure we have many such stories to exchange. But let’s keep them for another day. The point that should not be missed is that productions don’t always go as planned. It’s best to work with well-experienced experts and technicians from the media production industry. Save your time, money and avoid stress.

Yes! Living through a pandemic many of us are scared that another global economic recession is brewing in the shadows. Nobody seems to be focussing on this huge trillion dollars opportunity for businesses. Corporations and individuals alike are spending more time online and with their devices. There is a revolution going on with the way video is produced and consumed.

We receive over a million views on my answers relayed to YouTube video production. Content production and the way we have traditionally been making videos is changing. People of all ages are learning to do everything on their smartphones.

In a society and time where we are distancing ourselves and staying home as much as possible, product videos help your business reach every device on the planet.

A product video is the first step to your buyer taking out her credit card and parting with that cold cash.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Not all videos are the same. Although videos are great for catching people’s attention, a low-quality video can be a recipe for disaster. Long and confusing videos could harm your brand and also cost you time and money.

Experience over time has taught me that you’re better off dedicating a moderate budget to get a job done well. Otherwise, it is as if you were throwing your money down the drain on several frustrating low budget productions that never see the light of day. Low quality video ads typically only serve as unusable and embarrassing marketing experiments.

Here are a few steps to consider while producing your corporate video production. These steps will help you save time and get your monies worth as well.

Let’s talk about budgets first. If you want to work with a small budget like $50 or $100, consider using the budget for a social media post. An alternative would be to consider creating a marketing presentation or slide show instead.

Have you ever come across an explainer video that went like this “This is Bob. Bob has a problem. Here are all our product and service features that Bob makes Bobs life amazing. In the same way our product will save the world. Now be like Bob and click here to buy now.”

Who cares about what Bob wants? Why should people invest in Bob’s story? Is it worth your viewers time? Is there a story here, that will grab the attention of your viewers? The novelty of putting out a video has worn off.

Boring, repetitive, unoriginal videos will hurt your brand

It’s good to be cautious while planning your video production budgets. You don’t want to unnecessarily spend too much.

On the other hand, our video-phobia is not unwarranted. We all know that video productions do not come cheap. Some of us have burnt our hands by commissioning work to inexperienced freelancers or 5 dollar sites only to receive very amateur work that can’t be used.

A great working video will bring back sizeable return in sales and new customers.

People, customers, clients or even investors love to listen to your brand and product story. They will hang on to every word because it resonates with them. But a word of caution, craft your story well. You don’t want your story to be long-winded and boring.

If you’d like to know more about how we can work together to create:

  1. A powerful story.
  2. Memorable characters.
  3. New and fantastic world’s and environments weaved around your characters to take your audience through a fantastic emotional journey.
  4. Movie and ad film quality video productions.
  5. State of the art clean, crisp animation and infographics to build confidence and grow credibility with your audience.
  6. Music, sound effects and voice over to enhance your brand experience.

Would you like to discuss how to make your video communication scripts sound more confident, relatable and motivational?

Drop us a line on our contact page or even schedule a chat or video call.

Video Maker Canada Toronto

With our explainer video maker Canada Toronto services, discover how to reach potential clients and corporates alike. Businesses in Canada are seeking your business with a carefully appraising eye.

1000s of businesses in Toronto are uploading videos to reach their teams & clients daily

Select an explainer video style that suits your business

It is imperative to work with modern and creative video production ideas when you want to stand out from all the noise, competitors and a multitude of brand explainer videos in Canada.

The main takeaway to consider for your animated explainer video is that your audience only consumes only a few seconds of video before they decide to engage with any more of your content.

Take a look at our explainer video samples

How to grab the attention of your viewers?

This is where an Explainer video maker in Canada, Toronto can help turn things around.

How to be effective and capture the attention of your audience?

The way people in Toronto are consuming content and information has changed in the last few months. With analytics and statistics, we are able to clearly see that the high-value video productions are no more a variable that determines an increase in viewer engagement and watch time. Business and corporate workforces alike are more interested in bite-sized information that is relevant to them on an emotional level.

The services we provide at Explainer Video Maker Canada Toronto will help create relatable characters. Animated explainer videos convey the core of your marketing message in a bite-sized doze.

With explainer videos, your potential customers receive a clear explanation of your product and service in just a few minutes. This guarantees that customers in Toronto, Canada and across the world will receive answers to their queries with personal added value when they visit.

In this era of monopolistic competition, your brand needs an entirely different promotional strategy that can engage with your audience effectively. Our experienced team of filmmakers create world class animated explainer videos in Toronto. The services provided by our video production company at Toronto enables you to increase sales as well as collaborate with your potential partners effortlessly.

Our team of experts at Web Interactive Films craft explainer video in Toronto for your business today!

A corporate video production company that makes videos like Hitchcock and sells like hotcakes.

corporate video production company

Web Interactive Films is a corporate video production company that grows your audience with beautifully crafted corporate videos.

It’s not unwarranted to be video-phobic

Nod your head if this has happened to you recently. I’m sure you have come across some awful video productions. You probably searched YouTube or the web for corporate video samples. My guess is that you didn’t bother to watch these videos all the way to the end.

But the real torture is to find out that every corporate video production sample looks the same. And let’s not get started about the pain when you realise that your corporate video is so close to actually being good. It has the potential but somewhere down the line, it just stopped making sense.

What usually goes wrong? And how can we fix it?

“What’s the point in creating the same video again and again?”

You may be asking.

When every video looks the same and you’ve heard the same story before, what would really drive you to watch this corporate video production?

It is not uncommon for corporate video-makers to forget that video production is meant for the viewer, not for yourself. Let this sink in for a moment.

Your protagonist who is your all gallant hero is your viewer, and not your product or your brand.

A corporate video production experiment to indulge me

How about we turn things around for a few more moments. Let’s imagine you were presented with a corporate video for viewing. Furthermore, let us adjust to the idea that the corporate video was about a topic that is new to you. This video that you are presented with talks about things that you really don’t know much about.

How would you craft your video production storyboard for this “new you”?

Here are the top 7 key points to ponder on, while we craft your corporate video production company story:

  • Are the first few seconds interesting enough for you to watch more?
  • How would the story make you feel?
  • Is it taking too long to get to the point?
  • Did you find that parts of the corporate video story were confusing and aimless?
  • Are there too many product features and benefits in the story?
  • Was there a massive download of information that made you feel bored or overwhelmed?
  • Did you get a nice good warm satisfied feeling after watching the corporate video?

About Web Interactive Films: A corporate video production company since 2009.

So you’ll be very glad to know that you’re in safe hands. At Web Interactive Films, we have been producing corporate video productions and creatives for big brands like PEPSICO, NIKE, SAMSUNG since 2009.

Our work samples: Corporate video production company samples and show-reel

Our corporate video production showreel showcases clips of our behind the scenes production and snippets from our corporate video production projects. You can view our work samples below

Here is something you probably didn’t know about video production. Our videos have generated millions of dollars in business and sales for our clients.

So you’ll be happy to know that we have worked with many businesses, large and small with video production services. From the Fortune 500’s to small local entrepreneurship.

We have helped small scale entrepreneurial startups. They started out of a co-working space. Today, they have expanded to 3 centres in popular clubs in a span of just two years. All with the help of a promotional live-action video that we designed for them. We simply told their story. Can you see how fabulous that feels?

Our corporate video production company services and what we do?

Corporate video production services come in varied shapes sizes, production workflows and aesthetics. It is not uncommon for you to think that corporate video production companies only make live-action videos in factories. Low and behold there are many ways of connecting with your audience. Your audience could be employees, investors, clients or customers.

List of corporate video production services

We also create specialty videos and productions:

As a corporate video production company, we are also experienced with website design, photography, and interactive banner design. We offer full-serviced and full-stack production solutions.

But how do you know if this approach is for you? One thing that we have mastered over the years has been to craft videos for our clients that are memorable and cleverly crafted within their budget.

Something we have learnt over the past 20 years is how to tell your brand stories that will make your clients listen. It has been a journey of learning from experts and top brand leaders. As a matter of fact, we have worked on at least one creative with almost every top brand during the past 20 years. Our video production work has been benchmarked for quality at our customer’s organisations.

Corporate video production budgets

Before we go further, I want to set something straight, high-quality video productions do cost money. And that doesn’t take into account the fact that we plan the best solution for your budget.

To make things simple we have divided our corporate video production budgets into three categories.

Corporate video production process

Our videos are made by experts and professionals. The video production process and workflows go through many stages of production. In addition to that, time and care are taken to update you at every step so that we consider your industry knowledge and expertise.

This level of care and carefully planned workflows that we have developed over the years with experience from the cinema industry saves you money on your video productions. In addition to that, we are able to provide you with world-class quality video productions for your brand. This is what makes the difference in production quality.

Steps for corporate video production process

  • Understand the target audience and brand
  • Prepare target personas
  • Create characters, new worlds and environments around your characters
  • Craft emotional and motivating stories
  • Weave an immersive storyline that will connect and be memorable for your audience
  • Develop corporate video production break down sheets
  • Pre-production for corporate video
  • Art design, line production, casting, styling
  • Cinema quality production video shoot
  • Offline editing
  • Lose sketch and rough pass for animations
  • Graphic design and vector illustrations for VFX components
  • 3D Animations, motion graphics, and special effects
  • Sound engineering and voice over recording
  • Background music score and music production
  • Colour grading
  • Rendering to different formats for different platforms
  • Video marketing strategy
  • Publishing
  • Keyword research
  • Description, article writing and social media post content
  • Ad campaign management
  • Analytics and reporting

Low quality and cheap corporate video production

Here are some reasons why low-quality corporate video productions can damage your brand and business. And as you read further we will discuss what you can do when you have a low budget? And adding to that, solutions to get more out of your marketing campaign.

  • Low budget productions will give your audience a negative and cheap perspective of your brand and product.
  • It costs more money to change your audience perception of your brand once your brand has been compromised.
  • Not being a cinematography expert, you may not be able to identify basic mistakes in your corporate video production. This happens especially when you engage students, interns or amateurs to produce your brand video communications.
  • Creating poor quality videos adds to your marketing expense. You might need to spend more to advertise your videos. In addition to that, you may receive bad reviews or comments against the creative as well.
  • More important than the above fact, I have always experienced that when we buy something substandard, it doesn’t work very well over time. Eventually, we end up having to pay a lot more than the market price to fix it or get the job done. This adds to your overall cost for that product.
  • Not to make things seem like a major downer, but everybody is producing videos, including your competition. Why would you want to create a corporate video production that is set up to fail?

Cheap video production and low budget video production solutions

Here are a couple of solutions to consider when you want to spend less or when you have a low budget for your video production.

  1. Consider reducing the video production duration to 20 or 30 seconds
  2. Create a talking head or interview video
  3. Consider using 2D Animation explainer videos, animated brand videos and motion graphics, or kinetic text animated videos
  4. Create infographics if you have a really low budget like $5 to $100
  5. Ask us about creating PowerPoint or Keynote presentations with animations

Videos are not the only solution to creating marketing content. We have seen many organisations benefit from other marketing tools like slide-shares and info-graphics.

At Web Interactive Films, our team is always up for a challenge. We love to help people like you to master successful ad campaigns. Feel free to connect and discuss your project.

We may always not be a perfect fit. We have been crafting corporate videos for a very long time. We have been in the industry when corporate films just started. We have seen corporate video production evolving from translated interviews on DVDs.

The real question is not whether we can make a great video for your business? There are times when we have to make hard calls and decide whether or not we would want to work with you. Will our experience and expertise be valued? And are you doing the best for your audience and your brand.

If you choose not to work with us, that is fine too. What is the worst that could happen? You may get some free advice from our team that will help you use your video production budget more wisely.

We love helping people to realise their campaign goals and grow their businesses successfully.

But first, Let’s talk.

Video Marketing: why video works for marketing?

Here is something you probably did not know about video marketing.

I’m sure you’ve read stories about how videos went viral, generated thousands of leads in a day. Business boomed and everything turned around overnight after they went live.

Before we go any further, I want to set something straight creating a great video or landing page doesn’t ensure quality organic leads. It is quite the opposite really. You upload your video and you hear our crickets chirping in a vacuum of no views.

Why use video marketing?

We live in a world where good video marketing strategies can lead to a massive increase in business. In other words, video marketing is a simple way to get the core of your ideas and brand to reach thousands of people with diverse backgrounds. Let’s face it, most people today would prefer to watch a two-minute video than read about something. Because people today don’t have time. Therefore, if you want to make sure that your ideas reach your desired audience most effectively then the easiest way to do that is through video marketing.

Why is Video Marketing so effective?

Why does video work for marketing? So you’ll be glad to know that customers are much more likely to click on a video. Your customers would want to watch the story of your brand than to click on a page to read more. And the proof of that lies in the fact that YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google. Moreover, Google itself in its search results is more likely to show a video as its top result than a traditional web page.

A word of caution!
While YouTube is a great free and state of the art to share your videos, it is the very worst at organically reaching your customers.

As you may already be familiar, videos tell a story that can captivate the busiest of your audiences.

If you want people to buy your product you need to make it a part of their environment and the simplest way to do that is through an engaging video.

Incredible isn’t it? How a good two-minute video can get the attention of even a skimmer? But to do that you need compelling video marketing strategies.

Because in reality. reading an entire web page or an information page not only takes time but patience which your customers might not have.

However, with an explanatory video, you can do the same thing in under two minutes with the help of an engaging story. Above all, video marketing benefits your organic traffic in a much more efficient manner than an information page.

How we provide good Video Marketing strategies

The rising popularity of media is why video works for marketing. In other words, it is a lucrative tool that you can use to tell your brand’s story in a way that would resonate with a large, diverse audience.

Therefore, Web Interactive Films brings your vision in the hearts of daily surfing population with high-quality corporate films. And in addition to that, we make web commercials that make your brand philosophies have just the right emotional pull.

Our team has worked with top brands like Nike, eBay, Lenovo and more. Thus, using this deep experience they create engaging, innovative and high-quality content. With professional scriptwriters, editing and production, video SEO on various media platforms including your website we work to turn your ideas into reality.

Our Services

Some of our key services include:

  • Professional video script copywriting
  • High-quality video production and publication
  • YouTube marketing
  • Video graphic creation
  • Video SEO on both YouTube and your own website
  • Videos for product launch
  • Testimonial videos and much more

Let’s talk, drop us a line from our contact page or on WhatsApp to see how we can work on your Video marketing project or query.

With our team’s professional knowledge and hard work, we deliver authentic content that projects your brand’s unique identity.

So contact us and let’s talk about why video works for marketing and how we can make it work for you.