What is Web Interactive Films all about?

If you have ever wondered “Where can I find an experienced corporate video production company to create world-class high-quality explainer videos?“, you’re at the right place.

Our carefully planned productions are the reason why we are vendors to brands like Schneider Electric, Nike and Himalaya Healthcare.

List of video production company clients
List of video production company clients

After years of discovering ourselves, we figured out what our end goal needed to be. Our vision, mission and everything in-between; is to have one single priority and goal. “What is it?”, you may ask!?

At Web Interactive Films, Our single focus is to provide a positive experience to everyone who works with us. People love our work and tell their friends.

Our goal is to provide a positive experience to our clients. We’ve figured out that our client knows what’s best. You know your business better than any one else. When you have a positive experience working with Web Interactive Films you would be happy to recommend us to your friends and colleagues. There’s nothing more awesome than working with a like-minded community for us.

It took us some time but we’ve finally discovered what we want from our work: It’s not about how many awards, big budgets or brands, it’s simply about keeping you happy and giving you a relaxed well-planned experience through this journey of “video production”. Understanding your requirements, your brand and personality is key to building a relationship. After all, we are here to help.

What’s something that changed customer experience dramatically for us?

We learnt that transparency, setting comfortable and realistic timelines and keeping all the stakeholders informed at every level of a production makes the process a lot smoother and less nerve wracking for everyone.

We extend this attitude with our crew too. Firstly, we work with a very experienced seasoned crew who are madly in love with film. Most of our work family has 10+ more years of experience. We work with people who don’t panic or give us last minute surprises. We train our staff to be intuitive and to prepare for contingencies. Simple things like arriving early, do a thorough reconnaissance of the locations and document ing notes. Be well planned, always take backups of footage. Simple things like these go a long way.

Defining Intangibles

Corporate Videos Productions and Animated Explainer Videos are qualitative jobs. They are difficult to really measure the quantity in all aspects. It takes experience, knowledge and mostly a critical eye for detail. This is the recipe for a great production. With experience, you know exactly what areas in the production process may cause bottlenecks. It could be shooting in the wrong format or wrong camera. Or it could even be not designing the graphics and vectors efficiently in case of an animated product video.

When it comes to productions, going back to the basic of filmmaking and storytelling always help us guarantee a winning formula. Keeping design minimal, efficient and clean. There is a certain “hygiene factor” that goes into design. The other component is getting to the heart of the communication. This doesn’t happen unless you understand your audience and viewers thoroughly and start to think like them and create content that will connect with them emotionally. Characters that your audience will identify with. Stories and fantasies that would love to live and escape into. Once you know your audience, things fall into place pretty easily.

World-class corporate videos don’t just help us achieve our marketing and sales goals. They do more. They reflect our brand, our personality and tell our origin story. This is what helps your customers identify with your brand. It shouldn’t look like you slapped on your logo on someone else’s videos. When we get the basics right it’s easy for us to reach high-value views and shares. Awards too!

By design, we bring together the heart of your communication, your messaging and marry it with cinematic storytelling. We consider emotions like trust, motivation and confidence to emotionally engage and connect with your viewers. Videos too like any business are a means to tell the story of demand and supply. Take your message out to the right audience. While the quality of a production might not be quantitative the results can be. Our result; over 7 million+ video views and 120,000+ signups driven to our clients. We’ve created 100+ videos this year alone.

The meek shall inherit…

At Web Interactive Films, we always looking at analytics, latest research, audience psychology and even the latest international trends. Every year there are newer and better workflows to produce better video. We update ourselves to the latest technology. We’re doing something new every time. We don’t want to be those guys who get left behind as the world moves forward. Our talent is at creating clever stories that deeply and emotionally connect with your target audience. Meanwhile, not neglecting your brand values and the way you speak to your customers. And most important of all, we make the process well planned so it’s a pleasurable and pleasant experience. A happy and sustainable recipe for growing together.