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2 most common questions people ask Web Interactive Films when they seek to hire a corporate video production company?

#1 How much will it cost me?

Let’s not beat around the bush. Typical video production costs in Malaysia below:

  1. Low budget production:  Less than RM 6000
  2. Typical medium budget video: Between RM 8000 to RM 12000
  3. High-quality video: Above RM 50000

Every video production is unique, the rates above are typical averages from most productions.

When you produce a video there are many components that determine the shoot such as:

  1. Number of days of shoot
  2. The number of cameras, equipment, actors, locations, crew.
  3. Post-production requirements: editing, motion graphics, animations, voice over, background score production.

We want to use the best approach to do justice to tell your story effectively. Meanwhile, we want to plan the productions so that they are within your budget.

#2 How can I get value for my production?

When you work with Web Interactive Films you get a couple of things that no production company offers.

  1. You don’t pay extra or too much!
    At Web Interactive Films, we do a ton of productions for clients across the globe from India, South East Asia, Europe, Australia and the United States. We only hire the most experienced professionals from the movie and documentary industries so that we can always ensure high quality on all our productions.
    What does this mean? You don’t pay any hidden costs. You always pay the market rate for the professionals and rental for the latest equipment.
  2. Only the top professionals work on your project.
    You could surely beat an egg with a spoon but it does not mean that it’s the best tool for the task. In the same way, you also need to the right equipment for the right production. 4k video for cinema screens, broadcast cameras for television and so on. An amateur running around with a DSLR camera handheld means shaky unstable and out of focus footage.When we work with professionals, they know best. They procure the right cameras, lighting, lenses, rigs and other equipment that is best and required for the production at hand. They ensure value for money for all your production locations and shots. In this kind of setup, we hire the latest equipment for the production. Unlike other production houses that need to use their old equipment to recover the high cost of investment.The crew and talents also make a world of a difference in the final output quality. This is why we want to work with the top talent agencies and cinematographers so that we have world-class productions. All our team members from the scriptwriter to the post-production editors are professional and have worked on big budget multinational productions. For example: If we are shooting an automobile ad we will have a crew and DOP who has done top automobile ads, we can ensure the same kind of quality levels. We won’t have to work with a documentary or event type crew on an automobile shoot. This would not be possible with a regular production house. They would insist on using their own crew and equipment and charge high margins on all the deliverables.

As a result, you get a much better production quality video. Your audience will always have a positive outlook on your brand when they see the high-quality videos you put out. Our scripts are written by top industry writers so they are captivating and tailor-made specifically for your target group. This helps to increase attention spans, connect better on an emotional level and also fulfil the management requirements of multiplying business.

Video production is not just about documenting life and dialogue. When you’re producing a video for your business you also want to consider:

“How does my audience consume my video?”

This one simple question makes a huge difference.

  1. It can turn around the audience perception of your brand and service.
  2. Multiply business in terms of investments, sales and social shares.
  3. It can retain your audience for longer, increasing metrics like dwell time and attention span.

How do we make effective video productions for a business that lasts three minutes or less?

Listen to your audience! Yes, it’s just that simple. Storytelling is all about documenting dialogue and reactions. It’s about breaking that fourth wall to connect with your audience. That’s how are movies are made.

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At Web Interactive Films, Our vision is to provide a positive experience to everyone who works with us. People love our work and tell their friends.

You know your business best! Better than anyone else. You understand your customers, clients and target audience. When Web Interactive Films comes in and marries these ideas together to make a video that works. The video connects emotionally, increase sales and business… you start to tell your friends. This is the most awesome feeling about the industry. We don’t want to lose that magic and excitement. Together, we’re making our very own movies. The whole idea is to connect with more like-minded people in the community and create films that are intuitive and original.

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