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Journey through a compilation of short snippets stitched together from our recent work. You will find samples for 2D animated explainer videos and live action footage with motion graphics for your consideration.

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How much is an explainer video?

Commercial video price for an animated explainer video. Want to quickly determine a project budget for your animated explainer video production? Try out our online budget calculator below.

Kindly note that the explainer video price calculator is an oversimplified budgeting tool.

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What animated explainer video style for marketing is best for your business?

3D and 2D animated explainer videos make it possible to connect with clients and potential customers. Animated explainer videos help you to explain what your business and service could do for them. Here are the most recommended styles for your video marketing and communication campaigns.

Kindly note: The audio has been disabled for the animated explainer video stlye samples below.

Flat 2D animated explainer videos

3D character animation

Stock video editing + motion graphics

Whiteboard animation

Studies tell us that 60% of website visitors watch a video rather than read text. Animated explainer videos currently dominate the new age of digital marketing. The reason why explainer videos are so popular is that it uses both visuals, audio and text to appeal to your customers. This is why they are the most impactful medium. The world is your imagination.

However, just deciding to get an explainer video produced isn’t the end of the decision-making road. One of the critical aspects that you need to consider is the video’s style. Since it is the style and template of an animated explainer video that largely decides the engagement and interest of the audience. The few things to keep in mind while deciding on an explainer video style are:

  1. Your explainer video should be an extention of your brand’s vision and identity. Explainer videos oave the pathway through which your audience will begin to relate to your brand.
  2. Your explainer video needs to have a definite end goal i.e. whether it is brand awareness, service production or some other thing. For simplicity we can oversimplify yout end goal to be called a call to action. A call to action or CTA could be a short phrase like sign up, know more, share, subscribe and so on.
  3. The type of message and communication that you layout for your audience would determine the type of explainer video that is best for your audience. If you want to promote a product then a product explainer video or if you want to promote your brand’s idea then a Whiteboard video would do.
  4. Go according to your planned budget.
  5. Carefully cater to your target audience.

After going through these few points the decision to choose a style would become simpler but in case you need more help feel free to contact us and we’ll go through it together.


Here is a prognosis of frequently asked questions on explainer video productions:

How much does our animated explainer video cost?

There are many factors that impact and determine the cost of an explainer video. Some of these factors include the duration of video, content, style, amount of pre-production work, number of revisions etc. But since we create customized videos tailored to your needs the cost would fall in between $500-$5000. However, if you would like an accurate quote then fell free to contact us and we will provide you with one hassle-free.

Check out our experimental price calculator budgeting tool. When you are seeking to budget for your video production project, our video production pricing and packaging calculator can help you with a rough estimate.

Why choose Web Interactive Films?

We pride ourselves in creating high-quality explainer videos that engage your target audience at a personal level.

We have crafted creatives for brands like Samsung, CocaCola, NIKE and PEPSICO.

top brands animated explainer videos

Our explainer video creation services develop engaging, innovative and high-quality animations. We make customized videos tailored to your target customers.

With our professional and experienced team, we make explainer videos that append to your brand’s unique identity.

What are common explainer video pitfalls?

Most animation video makers and creators jump into a workflow where you pick an animation style and start animating a generic story. While it seems like a simplified and pragmatic approach you miss out.

For instance, developing interesting characters that target your audience persona. Building an environment around them with their favourite gadgets, travel gear and sports paraphernalia helps your viewing audience relate and invest in the story. The first 4 seconds could determine a pathbreaking journey that relates to your brand and your target audience interests alike.

How long does it take for an animated explainer video production?

Our usual video production process takes about two weeks from inception to completion. When we create high quality and customised videos for our clients, we put in a tremendous amount of time and effort. This is a rather reasonable time frame when you consider all the work that goes into making a video.

The animated explainer video production process includes the character development, storyboard, script, graphic design illustrations, animation, video editing, sound effects, background score and the voice over.

A minute-long explainer video involves 4 to 6 resources. For instance, we engage our writers, hand drawing illustration artists, graphic designer, animator, video editor, sound engineer and music studio when we work on your productions.

Is it possible to speed up the production process?

Yes! Of course it is possible to get a video done even in a day or two!

Our team handle the workload to cater to last minute productions. However, speeding up the production process does increase the cost of services. This is because faster delivery to meet critical deadlines increases the number of resources and production effort.

The faster we begin the process the sooner we deliver.

What does our process look like?

The foundation base of our videos includes the message, storyline, and animation. Each of our steps comes with two or three rounds of changes where you give us feedback. Which in turn, helps our team deliver a video that conveys your message most effectively.

However, that’s not all!

Like our videos, our process too is customizable. So we can increase or decrease the rounds and set it according to a plan that suits your needs the best. So contact us today and let’s get scheduling.

How do I get started?

Our work-flow is really simple and hassle free. It’s easy to get started.

  1. Get in touch with us, we’ll get back to you with 3 or 4 basic questions like your audience, budget and style of animation?. Alternatively, if you feel more comfortable with a direct call we can schedule one.
  2. From our initial interactions, we will make suggestions for your video productions. For instance, the length of the video, the style that suits your target audience and brand, production process, pricing and everything.
  3. When this is all done and settled our production manager contacts you and we begin the process of delivering the video that you require.

Create a quick brief. Sit back and experience our result driven workflow.

Payment protection policy

Our payment process is simple and flexible. With our payment protection policy we ensure that you don’t have to pay for the entire video in advance. You may process the final payment only once you’re completely satisfied.

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