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Web Interactive Films Malaysia is a creative corporate video production company in Malaysia.
We create live-action corporate video productions for top brands, worldwide.

Our corporate video production services include script writing and video production. Web Interactive Films creates corporate videos, marketing videos and explainer videos. We also produce ad films, product videos, web commercials, social media videos, Reality shows, TV series and commercial ad photography shoots.

Corporate Video Production in Malaysia Showreel [OUR RECENT WORK]

Our Corporate Video Production Malaysia Showreel showcases our corporate video production in Malaysia. The showreel has our recent work and exclusive behind the scenes footage. This helps clients better understand our corporate video services together with the effort, experience, and skill behind creating a successful corporate video marketing campaign.

How much do corporate videos cost?

Corporate video package Malaysia

Let’s look at our Corporate video quotation (Malaysia). Our corporate video production is split into 3 categories; based on video production budgets. Depending on the budget we have customised corporate video production package as follows:

Budget Video Production:
Ideal for broadcast quality interviews shoots or social media videos.
RM 3000 to 6000.
Typically a half day to one-day live-action corporate video production shoot with video editing.

Medium budget Video Production:
Recommended for factory shoots, corporate videos and marketing videos.
RM 8000 to 18000.
Two to three-day multi-camera shoot with video editing, voice over and motion graphics.

High budget Production:
Adfilms, Web Commercials, TV Series
RM 45000 upwards.
Customised high-quality video production. Includes multiple locations, professional actors and advanced VFX graphics.

Please note: Our Corporate video packages for Malaysia are a rough estimate and production costs are subject to change depending on the project.

Why work with Web Interactive Films on your Corporate Video Production in Malaysia?

Our directors and writers have over 20 years of experience in the industry and online digital marketing. We craft stories that would connect with your target audience and multiply your sales and business.

We use state of the art 4k movie equipment and profession lighting in our corporate video productions in Malaysia.

We have a local in-house Malaysian crew and talent associations of over 60+ professionals all the way from cinema lighting, production manpower, cinematographers and photographers, makeup artists, stylists, fashion designers.

We recruit and work with 30+ local talents on a monthly basis who perform, act, sing, dance, and entertain. Our pool of local Malaysian online influencers consists of individuals from different niches with over 300k followers.

We have access to beautiful tourism spots and movie studios. advanced editing, DI & VFX, sound production studio, voice over artists and tie-ups with media and publishing houses.

We take care of the video production right from inception and scripting, through the corporate video storyboard, implementation and to completion where it is optimised for social media, PR and viral ad campaigns.

How do you craft a successful corporate videos?

The heart of producing an engaging corporate video is to craft motivational stories. Without a story for your corporate video, no one would want to watch just the hard facts and features of the communication. Look at this way, would someone rather watch an episode of Netflix or listen to your corporate video pitch? Meanwhile, you might want to watch some ads or know more about some products and services. What makes these ads different from the rest?

The stories have to be extremely relatable. Engaging your target audience is key to the success of the video production campaign. We want viewers to respond with a multiplied focus on our products and services. Have you ever watched a good ad but couldn’t remember what the ad was for? How do we ensure that our viewers are engaged? When the audience is invested in the story and characters they will remember and connect these memories with the brand marketing strategy. This happens in a deeply inspirational and emotional connection. When we marry world-class production and filmmaking techniques with a well-crafted script we are able to produce a video that can truly multiply business.

2019 Corporate Video Marketing Strategy

Corporate video production in Malaysia 2019 Marketing Strategy:

What did we learn from 2018 in the marketing and video strategy space?

Digital ad spends are on the rise.

Online sales, payments and ad campaigns have become accessible to individuals.

Gone are the days where the agency had the power to determine publishing costs. Anyone can post an ad on FaceBook or YouTube today.

This is why we must develop an effective video marketing strategy.

Here are some key notes towards developing a video marketing strategy in Malaysia in 2019 for creative video productions.

  • Perform thorough research of your target groups.
  • Once we understand who we want to connect with, we design character personas to understand the world around each persona.
  • Encourage relatability, trust, and credibility by showcasing accolades and certifications.
  • Before we go into publishing, it is customary to also be able to talk to machines. This is why we need keyword phrase research and tags that are relevant.
  • Next comes the production of high-quality content which is built around the target group personas, characters, and environment. research. Ex: If your target audience persona is a character of a 26-year-old woman who is in air hostess and enjoys travelling the world. Add postcards and travel collectables like magnets of Paris, Petronas Twin Towers and the Statue of Liberty on her fridge in the background.
  • Finally, we want to create social media blast through influencer circles to intercept the market and create dialogues during the publishing phase. The idea is to appear organic.
  • Do not depend on influencer circles completely, combine your paid marketing to boost influencer campaigns.

Would you like to multiply your business with an effective corporate video marketing strategy for 2019?

Send us a quick message from our contact page. We will ask you 2 to 3 simple questions like who is your target audience, campaign goal, timeline and budget?

This will help us work out a corporate video strategy for your business within your budget and timelines.