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So much more ALIVE than slideshow presentations!


Corporate video production has always been paramount at marketing meets, sales expos, and trade shows. Today, videos can do so much more… “Video is evolving, more than ever, especially in the last 5 years.

Corporate Video Production in Malaysia

Corporate videos are not really new to our Malaysian market. Malaysia has an extremely commendable strength when it comes to global economic growth. It’s one of the quickest nations to recover from the global economic recession. Malaysia is also a land of beautiful islands, beach spots, and a melting pot of food and diverse culture… This paradigm of warm people from all over the world, from diverse backgrounds and practices co-existing together, creates this dialogue, that baffles me.

No Regret Client Experience!

While some production houses might ignore deadlines, exceed production budgets and charge exhorbident prices for templatised solutions, we at Web Interactive Films offer you a NO REGRET EXPERIENCE so that you are satisfied with the quality and the experience you have working with us. We offer you a fixed cost estimate for our projects and work towards all agreed deliverables at no extra cost.

Ethical, Seductive and Effective…

Can “corporate video” really be seductive?

Let’s find out…
Something amazing happened when film went digital. And even more, when the world put a camera and smartphone in everyone’s hands. People started consuming videos – everywhere.  They watched videos about everything, consuming videos as a casual everyday part of their lives. What’s so unbelievable is that as a generation, we started making videos of our own. Video calling and video-logs became personal extensions of our expression of our thoughts, opinions, and freedom.

What happened next?

Every social media network jumped on the video bandwagon. Social media networks started supporting native video on their channels. Even Google ranked pages and websites with video, higher on search results. Search engines became clever, they started learning to understand videos and then rank them according to how relevant the content was to a keyword phrase. Website and homepage videos have become a rage.

Top Corporate Video Production Company in Malaysia

With this explosion of video as the most popularly consumed form of media, it started to put an added pressure on brands. They now had to use video in their marketing campaigns. And with so much of noise in the video space, videos needed to be made better, unique and separate themselves, from the competition. This is what we look for while we flick right on a film production company in Malaysia.

Our List of Video Production Company Clients

List of video production company clients
List of video production company clients

What makes the top corporate video production list in Malaysia?

  1. World Class Quality
  2. Trusted by top brands
  3. Ultra HD 4K Recording
  4. Aerial Videography
  5. Export in any format and size DVD, Web Video, LED walls
  6. Broadcast design motion-graphics and animations.


How do we make videos better for corporates?

Today we have access to lightning-fast analytics. We have so much data to understand what’s really going on. There is software to track microexpressions on how viewers react to visual content. It’s now much easier to tell what kind of content is popular with your viewers. Where they drop off. That’s where we can add some life to your video productions.

Video can be clever!

What if your video was intuitive enough to answer questions even before they popped up in your viewers’ minds?
When you tell your viewers something interesting, like your origin story. Give them nuggets of something that is important to them. Information that will save them money, give them more value, make their lives better; all this before they lose interest or turn away. Adding emotions of empathy, perseverance and motivation can leave your target clients with a positive influence after watching your business video.
How does this happen? It happens when you listen to your customers and when we listen to you. When you present your business at a conference, a sales expo or even at a small meeting at a coffee shop, you know what makes your audience’s eyes sparkle. You notice when interests dip? When they pull out their smartphone or roll their eyes. It’s all about being tuned-in with your client’s expectations. It’s all about understanding: how they love to consume your information? This is the secret sause that makes all the difference.

Emotions and Empathy!

Our team asked over 600 people from the corporate and technology industry to watch three of our videos along with a PDF brochure and a case study. Testers were from middle management to senior leadership from multinational corporate companies. They watched these videos on various devices: desktops, projectors, smartphones, and tabs. Over 90% of them preferred to consume a video format. Most of the industry people admitted to consuming video rather than text too. We all know this is true, we’ve seen the stats.
But here’s what was extremely striking about the study…
Almost all these technocrats preferred the one video that had emotions and a strong story. Even though this video was close to 8 minutes long, twice as long as the other two videos we had shared.
So truly, filmmaking isn’t dead. A good story, establishing characters that resonate with the sentiments of your audience, connecting with your audience emotions and taking your viewers on an epic journey. That’s what it’s all about! Little nuances create a far better experience for viewers. They culminate together, to add to a positive perception towards the brand.
Circling back to emotions. Just because emotions make videos more sticky, doesn’t mean that every emotion under the Sun will fit in with a corporate theme or brand. We want to be careful about using emotions like motivation, commendation, trust, empathy rather than too much of humour and drama. When it comes to corporate videos we also need to be weary of not going with the “too commercial” approach. Missing out on the opportunity of using emotion in your communication is just too much of a risk in while producing a video in 2017. Use emotions that imbibe our corporate culture. Emotions like perseverance, teamwork, motivation, confidence can enhance the journey of the corporate story. Meanwhile, emotions like humour, etc can be played down since the main communication of most corporate videos are confidence, competence and to establish trust.

Corporate Video Trends 2017-2018

There have been all sorts of corporate video trends from the ages. And to be honest, I’m lucky that I missed quite a few of them. Back in the day, corporate videos were usually an interview with subtitles or a translator reading out a script approaching companies for business. Direct!
There were music videos, lip-sync videos, the corporate video, over-the-top spy stories and more.
Among some of the trends, my personal favorites are the short film approach, documentary style, and honest interviews. There is always a worthy story to be told about any organisation that people will connect with.

Can video production be fun?

Corporate videos are all about trust and relationships. The success of a production is always about keeping everyone happy, the stakeholders, the production crew and the audience. The more relaxed and less pressure on the set the better the performance of the talent and the crew. We take a lot of care during pre-production and post-production. We want to make sure that we have addressed all possible contingencies so that everyone has a smooth experience. Being transparent is another factor from our experience. It’s always good to let everyone know what’s going on so that there are no last moment surprises.
I also encourage having a relaxed and fun environment on set. Sometimes some of the clients like taking a few shots with the second camera. They might be excited about manning the clipboard between takes. We spend time chatting about camera lenses and what type of camera they should buy for their travels. Sometimes, we shoot some fun short skits or vines that are played in between corporate events. So there you have it, corporate video productions don’t have to always be boring or really serious. Happy faces make great videos!